VOLUME 2 ISSUE 1 January-February 2011

ISSN 0975 - 9646

A Model of MULTI-VERIFIER channel e-mailing system using Steganographic scheme
Pages : 465-468
D.B. Ojha, Abhishek Shukla, Meenu Sahni, Nitin Pandey
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A Novel Approach for Data Security Enhancement Using Multi Level Encryption Scheme
Pages : 469-473
Sairam Natarajan, Manikandan Ganesan, Krishnan Ganesan
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The Foot Step of mobile network - wireless network architecture
Pages : 474-476
Abdul Jabbar Khilji,Dr.Raghuraj Singh , Shruti Sandal ,Shashi Shekhar Ranga
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4. Analysis of Data Quality Aspects in Data Warehouse Systems
Pages: 477-485
Manjunath T.N, Ravindra S Hegadi, Ravikumar G.K
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5. Performance Analysis of Clustering Algorithms in Detecting Outliers
Pages: 486-488
Sairam, Manikandan, Sowndarya
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6. Extraction of P wave and T wave in Electrocardiogram using Wavelet Transform
Pages: 489-493
P.Sasikala , R.S.D. WahidaBanu
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7. Syntactic Sentence Fusion Techniques for Bengali
Pages: 494-503
Amitava Das and Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
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8. A New Fuzzy Gaussian Noise Removal Method for Gray-Scale Images
Pages: 504-511
K.Ratna Babu, K.V.N.Sunitha
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9. Outlier Detection for Multidimensional Medical Data
Pages: 512-516
Anbarasi.M.S Ghaayathri.S, Kamaleswari.R, Abirami.I
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10. Information Technology (IT) Security Management in Kenyan Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
Pages: 517-525
Michael Kimwele, Waweru Mwangi, Stephen Kimani
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11. Role of soft computing as a tool in data mining
Pages: 526-537
Kanhaiya Lal, N.C.Mahanti
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12. Effect of Energy and Bandwidth Constraints in Ad Hoc Networks: A Review
Pages: 538-544
Tanu Preet Singh, Manmeet Kaur, Vishal Sharma
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13. An Architechture Model for Managing Transactions in Disconnected Mobile Environment
Pages: 545-550
J.LWalter Jeyakumar, R.S.Rajesh
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14. Oriya Language Text Mining Using C5.0 Algorithm
Pages: 551-554
Sohag Sundar Nanda, Soumya Mishra, Sanghamitra Mohanty
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15. Software Reliability Growth Models Incorporating Burr Type III Test-Effort and Cost-reliability Analysis
Pages: 555-562
N. Ahmad, S. M. K. Quadri, M.G.M. Khan, and M. Kumar
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16. Clustering Algorithm for 2D Multi-Density Large Dataset Using Adaptive Grids
Pages: 563-568
Mr. Chetan J. Awati, Prof. D.G. Chougule
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17. Run Time Polymorphism Against Virtual Function in Object Oriented Programming
Pages: 569-571
Devendra Gahlot, S. S. Sarangdevot, Sanjay Tejasvee
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18. Survey on Ad Hoc Wireless Networks And Routing Security issues
Pages: 572-586
Prasuna V G, Dr. S. Madhusudhana Verma
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19. Ultra Wideband Channel Model for IEEE 802.15.4a and Performance Comparison of

Pages: 587-596
B.V. Santhosh Krishna, K.Sakthidasan
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20. Performance Analysis of V-Blast MIMO System in Rician Channel Environment
Pages: 597-601
Samarendra Nath Sur , Debjyoti Ghosh , Debasish Bhaskar , Rabindranath Bera
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