VOLUME 7 ISSUE 1 January - February 2016

ISSN 0975 - 9646

1. A Literature Survey on Handwritten Character Recognition
Pages :1-5
Ayush Purohit, Shardul Singh Chauhan
Abstract | PDFPDF
2. A Literature Survey on Mood Detection System
Pages :6-10
Rajneesh Singla
Abstract | PDFPDF
3. Evaluating Digital Image Watermarking based on Image Interlacing, DWT & DCT.
Pages : 11-17
Mahejabi Khan, Ajay Kushwaha, Toran Verma
Abstract | PDFPDF
4. A Survey on Supporting Privacy Protection in Personalized Web Search
Pages : 18-21
Chanda Agarwal, Prof.Dr.Suhasini Itkar
Abstract | PDFPDF
5. Survey on Presentation Slides Generation for Academic Papers
Pages : 22-25
Ektaa G Meshram, Mrs. D. A. Phalke
Abstract | PDFPDF
6. Comparative Study of Text Line Segmentation on Handwritten Kannada Documents
Pages : 26-33
Chethana H T, Mamatha H R
Abstract | PDFPDF
7. Security in Mobile Cloud Computing: A Review
Pages : 34-39
Prashant Pranav, Naela Rizvi
Abstract | PDFPDF
8. Agile Methodologies
Pages :40-44
Sakshi Sachdeva
Abstract | PDFPDF
9. De-Noising Medical Images Using Low Rank Matrix Decomposition, NN and SVM
Pages : 45-48
Charankamaldeep Kaur, Nishu Bansal
Abstract | PDFPDF
10. Survey on Web Scale Based Near Duplicate Video Retrieval
Pages : 49-55
Bhosale Varsharani, D.A.Phalke
Abstract | PDFPDF


A Study on Improved Hop by Hop Congestion Control Algorithm
Pages : 56-59
Urvashi Handa, Padma Bonde
Abstract | PDFPDF
12. Machine Learning for Web Page Adpatation
Pages : 60-65
Neetu Narwal, Dr. Sanjay Kumar Sharma
Abstract | PDFPDF
13. Establishment of Efficient Algorithm for Medical Image Diagnosis
Pages : 66-70
A. Sorna Gowri, Dr. K. Ramar
Abstract | PDFPDF
14. A Framework to Classify the Satellite Images
Pages :71-73
Manali Jain, Amit Sinha
Abstract | PDFPDF
15. Security Threats in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks - A Survey
Pages :78-82
Sanjeev Gangwar
Abstract | PDFPDF
16. A Comparative Study of Classification Techniques for Fire Data Set
Pages :71-73
Rachna Raghuwanshi
Abstract | PDFPDF
17. The Journey of e-Governance to Cloud: Hybrid Clouds as a Strategic Option
Pages :83-90
Muzaffar Azim, Dr. S. Kazim Naqvi
Abstract | PDFPDF
18. Comparative Study of Segmentation Methods applied on Cervical Cytology Images
Pages :91-93
G.Karthigai Lakshmi, K.Krishnaveni
Abstract | PDFPDF
19. Survey Paper on Deduplicating Data and Secure Auditing in Cloud
Pages :94-95
Meghana Vijay Kakde, Prof. N.B.Kadu
Abstract | PDFPDF
20. An Effective & Secure Data Sharing using Elliptic Curve with MD-5 in Cloud Computing
Pages :96-100
Rahul Sharma, Manoj Tyagi
Abstract | PDFPDF
21. Cloud Data Integrity using Password Based Digital Signatures
Pages :101-103
Ceena Mathews
Abstract | PDFPDF
22. Study of Various Attacks in MANET and Elaborative Discussion of RREQ Flooding Attack and Its Solutions
Pages :104-107
Neha Kamdar, Vinita Sharma, Poorva Kakani
Abstract | PDFPDF
23. Real Time Taxi Ride Sharing
Pages :108-111
Prof. Deeksha Bhardwaj, Azam Khan, Sunny Patil, Rajat Dhoot
Abstract | PDFPDF
24. Eigen Reputation One Hop Certificate Exchange for Secure and Self Organizing Key Management in Manet
Pages :112-118
Chidambar P.Inamdar, Dr. C .Chandrasekar
Abstract | PDFPDF
25. A Survey on m-Privacy for Collaborative Data Publishing
Pages :119-122
Sarita D. Kashid,and Prof. Manasi K. Kulkarni
Abstract | PDFPDF
26. Auditing Cloud Environment Using Control Attribute Based Encryption
Pages :123-125
Vishal Dnyandeo Ghogare, Prof. S.D Jondhale
Abstract | PDFPDF
27. Card less ATM Cash Withdrawal: A simple and Alternate Approach
Pages :126-128
Nischaykumar Hegde, Sharath K R
Abstract | PDFPDF
28. Ontology Based Development of Learning System
Pages :129-131
Chinmay Kshirsagar, Tanaji Jadhav, Harshit Gupta
Abstract | PDFPDF
29. Android System for LAN Monitoring
Pages :132-134
Kiran Purkar, Akshay Jotrao, Nilesh Bade
Abstract | PDFPDF
30. A Survey on Security Attacks in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Pages :135-140
Saritha Reddy Venna, Ramesh Babu Inampudi
Abstract | PDFPDF
31. Intelligent Automatic Irrigation System
Pages :141-143
Dr.Sarika Tale, Sowmya P
Abstract | PDFPDF
32. A Novel method for securing packets against Reactive Jammer
Pages :144-148
G.Neelima, Dr. I. Ramesh Babu
Abstract | PDFPDF
33. Protocols for Implementing Histogram LOB in chord Networks
Pages :149-152
Abstract | PDFPDF
34. Security Enhancement in HASBE for Cloud Computing Environment
Pages :153-156
B. K.Ugale, R. N. Phursule
Abstract | PDFPDF
35. A Literature Survey on Challenges and Issues on Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Pages :157-162
Rajneesh Singla
Abstract | PDFPDF
36. Finding the Malicious URLs using Search Engines
Pages :163-166
Amruta Rajeev Nagaonkar, Umesh L. Kulkarni
Abstract | PDFPDF
37. A Comprehensive Review of Text Mining
Pages :167-169
Tarsem Singh
Abstract | PDFPDF
38. Identification of Common Challenges and Key Factors in Software Architecture Using Grounded

Pages :170-173
Vinay Krishna, Dr. Anirban Basu
Abstract | PDFPDF
39. Load Balanced Data Transmission within the Probabilistic Wireless Sensor Network
Pages :174-180
Jyoti P.Desai, Prof Abhijit Patil
Abstract | PDFPDF
40. A Dynamic Algorithm approach in Distributed System
Pages :181-184
Divyaa Siingh, Dr.Vishal Nagar
Abstract | PDFPDF
41. Speech Recognition System for Medical Domain
Pages :185-189
Tripti Dodiya, Sonal Jain
Abstract | PDFPDF
42. A Text Polarity Analysis Using Sentiwordnet Based an Algorithm
Pages :190-193
Deepak Singh Tomar, Pankaj Sharma
Abstract | PDFPDF
43. Feature Selection Using Genetic Algorithm and Classification using Weka for Ovarian Cancer
Pages :194-196
Priyanka khare, Dr.Kavita Burse
Abstract | PDFPDF
44. Computational Intelligence, Granular Computing and Soft Computing
Pages :197-200
Aahan Bhatt
Abstract | PDFPDF
45. A Rule Enforced Information Flow Control System with Tagged Service Data for Cloud Service Providers
Pages :201-207
Kirtibala Mali, Prof. Anurag Jain
Abstract | PDFPDF
46. An Idea to Recognition of Handwritten Characters using Genetic Algorithms
Pages :208-210
Samta Jain Goyal, Rajeev Goyal
Abstract | PDFPDF
47. A Review of Wireless Sensor Network with Its Applications
Pages :211-214
Navreetinder Kaur, Tarandeep Singh
Abstract | PDFPDF
48. Tweet Sarcasm: Mechanism of Sarcasm Detection in Twitter
Pages :215-217
Komalpreet Kaur Bindra, Ankita Gupta
Abstract | PDFPDF
49. Data Mining Case Study for Analysing Opinion Mining from Emotions in Social Network Sites in
Theni Dt., Tamilnadu

Pages :218-223
B. Nasreen Fathima, S. Jothi, R. Aswini
Abstract | PDFPDF
50. Agile Software Development: User Story Conversion
Pages :224-226
Purtee Kohli, Avnish Singh Jat, Vikas Agarwal
Abstract | PDFPDF
51. A Privacy Preserving and Data Dynamics for Storage Security in Cloud Computing by using Third Party Auditor
Pages :227-231
M.Gayathri, S.Kanchana, R.Rajkumar, Dr.S.Rajkumar
Abstract | PDFPDF
52. Study of a Disease Sample Pixel Clustering for Accurate Infection Prediction Using Image Processing and Data Mining
Pages :232-233
Milind H. Padgavankar, Shrikant P. Akarte
Abstract | PDFPDF
53. A Novel Categorized Search Strategy using Distributional Clustering
Pages :234-238
Neenu Joseph. M, Sudheep Elayidom
Abstract | PDFPDF
54. Disassembling and Patching iOS Applications
Pages :239-248
Arpita Jadhav Bhatt, Chetna Gupta
Abstract | PDFPDF
55. Multiclass Vehicle Detection and Tracking Using Local Visual Features
Pages :249-253
Prof. Deepali Sale, Namrata Bhole, Prof. S.D.Chavan
Abstract | PDFPDF
56. Building a K-Nearest Neighbor Classifier for Text Categorization
Pages :254-256
A.Kousar Nikhath, K.Subrahmanyam, R.Vasavi
Abstract | PDFPDF
57. Key Composite Encryption for Extensible Data Sharing in Cloud Storage
Pages :257-259
Prof. S. S. Nirmal, Snehal D.Andhale, Suvarna N. Pansare, Vrushali S.Kharde, Liladhar R.Raut
Abstract | PDFPDF
58. A Combined Rough Sets–K-means Vector Quantization Model for Arabic Speech Recognizer
Pages :260-265
Elsadig Ahmed Mohamed, Hanan Adlan, Abd. Rahman Ramli
Abstract | PDFPDF
59. Modified Porter Stemming Algorithm
Pages :266-269
Atharva Joshi, Nidhin Thomas, Megha Dabhade
Abstract | PDFPDF
60. Forgery Detection in Video Using Watermarking: A Review
Pages :270-274
Sonal R. Papinwar, P.H.Pawar
Abstract | PDFPDF
61. Load Balancing Algorithm with Threshold value for Cloud Computing
Pages :275-277
Ranjan Kumar Mondal, Enakshmi Nandi, Payel Ray, Debabrata Sardder
Abstract | PDFPDF
62. A Survey Paper on Efficient Processing of AJAX Data using Mining Algorithms
Pages :278-280
Pooja P. Taral, Prof. Pravin D. Soni
Abstract | PDFPDF
63. Survey on Content Based Recommendation System
Pages :281-284
Nymphia Pereira, SatishKumar Varma
Abstract | PDFPDF
64. Big Data-Concepts, Tools and Foresight
Pages :285-291
Ravi Shaw, Samiddha Mukherjee, Nilanjan Haldar, Satyasaran Changdar
Abstract | PDFPDF
65. Decision making using Multi Inference-LDA Algorithm
Pages :292-296
Kanchana J, Gladston Raj S
Abstract | PDFPDF
66. A Survey On Data Mining Algorithm
Pages :297-301
Rohit Jacob Mathew, Sasi Rekha Sankar, Preethi Varsha. V
Abstract | PDFPDF
67. Physical Resource Block Allocation Scheme-a novel approach for Balancing QoS in Wireless Mobile Communication
Pages :302-305
Omkar B. Bhalke, T. A. Chavan
Abstract | PDFPDF
68. Combining Lexicon and Machine Learning Method to Enhance the Accuracy of Sentiment Analysis on Big Data
Pages :306-311
G. Vaitheeswaran, Dr. L. Arockiam
Abstract | PDFPDF
69. Adjacent Search Outcomes with Keywords
Pages :312-317
P. Sunil Kumar Reddy, Prof. P. Govindarajulu
Abstract | PDFPDF
70. Study of Various Algorithms on Vertical Search in Medical Domain
Pages :318-320
Roshini R Nair, Bhagyshri Shukla, Manjiri Lad, Prof. Ashraf Siddiqui
Abstract | PDFPDF
71. Knowledge Discovery – Techniques and Application
Pages :321-322
Ajay Kumar, Indranath Chatterjee
Abstract | PDFPDF
72. Non-Separable Reversible Data Hiding Based on Histogram Shifting and Random Scramble Encryption
Pages :323-328
Ajay Trivedi, Dr.Pratima Gautam, Vijay Trivedi
Abstract | PDFPDF
73. Data Retrieval with Secure CP-ABE: A Review
Pages :329-332
Sharayu N. Bonde , Rahul Gaikwad
Abstract | PDFPDF
74. A Novel Secured Wireless Data and Key Exchange Mechanism for Adhoc Networks
Pages :333-337
Kosuru Surya Narayana, P Chandana
Abstract | PDFPDF
75. N-list based Friend Recommendation System Using Pre-rule Checking
Pages :338-341
Anil K.R, Gladston Raj S
Abstract | PDFPDF
76. Android Based Business Card Scanner: An OCR Based Approach
Pages :342-348
Prof. Kaushal Patel, Prof. Amit Choksi
Abstract | PDFPDF
77. Efficient Relational Data Management Using Access Control and Privacy-Preserving Mechanism
Pages :349-352
CH. Srinivasa Reddy, V.vasanthi, Ravuri Daniel, K.V.N. Rajesh
Abstract | PDFPDF
78. WSN Method of Pollution Monitoring System
Pages :353-359
Anju D, Dr. Vinodkumar Jacob
Abstract | PDFPDF
79. Improving the Transmission Performance of Fragmented Messages in Websocket
Pages :360-362
Raphael O Anumba
Abstract | PDFPDF
80. Video Source Identification
Pages :363-366
Naveen Sharma, Anwer Reyaz J, Balan C
Abstract | PDFPDF
81. Rule Based Classifier Models For Intrusion Detection System
Pages :367-370
Vivek kshirsagar, Madhuri S.Joshi
Abstract | PDFPDF
82. Model for Disconnectivity Analysis in Schizophrenics for Sternberg Item Recognition Paradigm
Pages :371-374
Meghana Nagori, Madhuri S.Joshi
Abstract | PDFPDF
83. Removal Speckle Noise from Medical Image Using Image Processing Techniques
Pages :375-377
Dr. Abdulaziz Saleh Yeslem Bin-Habtoor, Dr. Salem Saleh Al-amri
Abstract | PDFPDF
84. Article Removed
Pages :xxx-xxx
Abstract | PDFPDF
85. Large Graph mining Approach for Cluster Analysis to Identify Critical Components within the Water Distribution System
Pages :384-391
S.V.S.Santhi, Poosapati Padmaja
Abstract | PDFPDF
86. Adaptive Beamformer Using Nested Arrays and Multirate Techniques
Pages :392-395
Vrushali Golhar, M.R. Vargantwar
Abstract | PDFPDF
87. A Review on Prediction of Heart Diseases by Comparing Risk Factors in Data Mining
Pages :396-398
Abstract | PDFPDF
88. Security System using Iris as Biometrics
Pages :399-401
Bakti B.Bhagnagare
Abstract | PDFPDF
89. Civic Complaint Application under Smart City Project
Pages :402-406
Satish Kumar Prasad, Ritesh Patil, Sagar Beldare, Prof. Anita Shinde
Abstract | PDFPDF
90. Edge Histogram Descriptor, Geometric Moment and Sobel Edge Detector Combined Features Based Object Recognition and Retrieval System
Pages :407-412
Neetesh Prajapati, Amit Kumar Nandanwar, G.S. Prajapati
Abstract | PDFPDF
91. Secure Message Transmission Ensuring Authentication Using Digital Signature and Watermarking
Pages :413-416
Shivi Garg, Manoj Kumar
Abstract | PDFPDF
92. Literature Perlustration of Opinion Analysis on E-commerce
Pages :417-421
Penubaka Balaji, Dr. O.Nagaraju, Prof. D.Haritha
Abstract | PDFPDF
93. Extraction of Hidden Opinion Based On Sentiment Analysis Using Word Alignment Model : A Review
Pages :422-426
Jayshri Vilas Borole, Nilesh Vani
Abstract | PDFPDF
94. A Study on Reversible Logic Gates of Quantum Computing
Pages :427-432
A.G.Aruna, K H Vani, C Sathya, R.Sowndarya Meena
Abstract | PDFPDF
95. Improved Clustering Approach for high Dimensional Citrus Image data
Pages :433-440
Dr. M. Lavanya
Abstract | PDFPDF
96. Web Application Security: A Survey
Pages :441-445
Leena Jacob, Virginia Mary Nadar, Madhumita Chatterjee
Abstract | PDFPDF
97. STAR: A Comparison of Points-To Analysis Algorithms
Pages :446-451
Kanchan Arora
Abstract | PDFPDF
98. Feasibility Study of Management Information System and Application of it in Dairy Industry
Pages :452-456
Prof. Rajesh S. Walse, Ajay B. Kurhe
Abstract | PDFPDF
99. Meeting the challenge of Virtualization impact on Cloud services
Pages :457-461
N.L.Udaya Kumar, Dr.M.Siddappa
Abstract | PDFPDF
100. Event Based Campus Navigation System
Pages :462-464
Sunil Bendre, Narendra Patil, Dhananjay Kanawade, Sagar Kandekar, Rutuja Kirpal
Abstract | PDFPDF
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