VOLUME 2 ISSUE 2 March-April 2011

ISSN 0975 - 9646

A New Way of Generating Reusable Index Labels for Dynamic XML
Pages : 602-606
P. Jayanthi, A. Tamilarasi
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Automation of Data Clusters based on Layered HMM
Pages : 607-610
G.S.N. Murthy, V. Vijay Kumar, K.Krishna Chaitanya, Ch. Ravi Kishore
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A Survey on Semantic Web Based E-Tourism Dynamic Package
Pages : 611-613
M. Thangaraj, R. Somasundara Manikandan
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4. Estimation Methods for Microarray Data with Missing Values:A Review
Pages : 614-620
Adyasha Sahu, Tripti Swarnkar, Kaberi Das
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5. Windows Azure Platform: an Era for Cloud Computing
Pages : 621-623
Madhurima, Vandana, Madhulika
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6. Cross Industry Survey on Data mining Applications
Pages : 624-628
Ravikumar G K, Manjunath T. N, Ravindra S. Hegadi ,Umesh I.M
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Improving Software Development Process through Data Mining Techniques Embedding Alitheia Core Tool
Pages : 629-632
Anupama Das, .Kaberi Das, B.Puthal
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A Novel Approach for Integrating Heterogeneous Database through XML
Pages : 633-640
V.Rajeswari , Dr. Dharmishtan K. Varughese
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Image Retrieval using Shape Texture Content as Row Mean of Transformed Columns of Morphological Edge Images
Pages : 641-645
.H.B.Kekre, Sudeep Thepade,Miti Kakaiya, Priyadarshini Mukherjee, Satyajit Singh, Shobhit Wadhwa
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10. E-Government: A Futuristic Endeavor for Digitalizing India
Pages : 646-650
Sonia, Sandeep Kumar
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11. Genetic Computation for Trajectory Optimization of an Aircraft
Pages : 651-653
Anurag,Ashish Chaturvedi
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12. Instantaneous Utilization Based Scheduling Algorithms for Real Time Systems
Pages : 654-662
Radhakrishna Naik, R.R.Manthalkar
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Internet Traffic Classification: An Enhancement in Performance using Classifiers Combination
Pages : 663-667
Indra Bhan Arya, Rachna Mishra
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Role of Database in Multi Agent Resource Allocation Problem
Pages : 668-672
Manish Arora, M. Syamala Devi
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A New Efficient Approach towards Steganography
Pages : 673-676
Rupinder Kaur,Mandeep Kaur, Rahul Malhotra
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16. Article removed
Pages : 677-685
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17. Data Mining : A prediction of performer or underperformer using classification
Pages : 686-690
Umesh Kumar Pandey, S. Pal
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18. Edge Detection Technique for Topographic Image of an Urban / Peri-Urban Environment Using
Smoothing Functions and Morphological Filter
Pages : 691-693
Nilesh K. Deshmukh, Ajay B. Kurhe, Suhas S. Satonkar
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19. Adaptive MIMO-OFDM Scheme to Optimize User Data Rate over Fading Channel
Pages: 694-700
L.C.Siddanna Gowd and .B.Rama Murthy
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20. Optimized Reversible Montgomery Multiplier
Pages: 701-706
Rashmi S.B., Umarani T.G. and Shreedhar H. K
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Enhanced Fuzzy Rule Based Diagnostic Model for Lung Cancer using Priority Values
Pages : 707-710
M. A. Saleem Durai, N. Ch. S. N. Iyengar, A. Kannan
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Secured Agile Architecture for Context Aware Pervasive Computing
Pages : 711-716
Alti Siva Prakasa Rao and Prof. M.S.Prasad Babu
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Watermarking in DCT-DWT Domain
Pages : 717-720
Mahasweta J.Joshi, Prof. Zankhana H.Shah, Keyur N.Brahmbhatt
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24. A Hybrid Neural Approach For Character Recognition System
Pages : 721-726
.Ranpreet Kaur and Baljit Singh
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25. A Dynamic Fault Tolerant Routing Protocol for Prolonging the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor
Pages : 727-734
Anuja Ajay, Nachiketa Tarasia, Subhasis Dash, Soumya Ray, Amulya Ratan Swain
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26. A Fuzzy Approach for Reputation Management using Voting Scheme in Bittorrent P2P Network
Pages : 735-740
Ansuman Mahapatra , Nachiketa Tarasia
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27. Image Retrieval based on Local Histogram and Texture Features
Pages : 741-746
Ch.Kavitha,M.Babu Rao,Dr. B.Prabhakara Rao, Dr. A.Govardhan
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28. Energy Efficient Token Based MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Pages : 747-753
Soumya Ray, ,Subhasis Dash ,Nachiketa Tarasia ,Anuja Ajay, Amulya Ratan Swain
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29. Compress Integer with Fibonacci Code and Gamma Code Using Variable-Length code in JPEG2000
Pages: 754-757
K. Somasundaram, P. Sumitra
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30. Performance Evaluation of UMTS-WLAN interworking
Pages: 758-765
Anita Nanda, S.P.Panigrahi, R.R.Mohanty, N.Panda, M.Singh, S.M.Rout
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Taxonomy for Transactional Memory Systems
Pages : 766-775
Shweta Kulkarni,Prachi Kulkarni, Juie Deshpande, Priyadarshini Kakade, Priti Ranadive, Madhuri Tasgaonakar, Shilpa Deshpande
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32. A Theoretical Approach for Augmenting Association Rule Mining to Predict Protein-Protein Interaction
Pages : 776-779
Sony Snigdha Sahoo, Tripti Swarnkar
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33. Debugging Invariant Issues in Pseudo Embedded Program: an Analytical Approach
Pages : 780-785
Partha Pratim Ray, Dr. Ansuman Banerjee, Banibrata Bag
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34. Second Order Nonlinearities of Some Classes of Cubic Boolean Functions Based on Secondary
Pages : 786-791
Deep Singh
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35. Feature Subset Selection in Large Dimensionality Micro array using Wrapper Method: A Review
Pages : 792-798
Binita Kumari, Tripti Swarnkar
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Online Guidance for Effective Investment Using Type 2 Fuzzy-Neuro Advisory System
Pages : 799-803
Jeegar A Trivedi, Priti Srinivas Sajja
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37. A Novel Approach for Generation of Panoramic View
Pages :804-807
Prajkta Sangle, Krishnan Kutty, Anita Patil
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38. Secured Proxy Blind Signature Scheme based on DLP with Minimum Computation Cost
Pages : 808-811
Shradhananda Beura , Muralidhar Behera , Asis Kumar Tripathy
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39. Accomplishments & Key Challenges in POst Genome Era of Bioinformatics : An Advancement
Pages : 812-816
Archana Dash, Mamata Nayak, Tripti Swarnkar, Kaberi Das
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40. Bluetooth Hotspot: Extending the Communication Range between Bluetooth Devices
Pages : 817-823
Pooja Sharma, Deepak Tyagi, Pawan Bhadana
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41. Stable and Flexible Weight based Clustering Algorithm in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
Pages : 824-828
R. Pandi Selvam and V.Palanisamy
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42. Prediction of Learning Disabilities in School Age Children using SVM and Decision Tree
Pages : 829-835
Julie M. David, Kannan Balakrishnan
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43. Contrast Stretching and Non Linear Median Filters for Fabric Inspection
Pages : 836-839
S.Anitha, V.Radha
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44. A novel algorithm for co-synthesis of wireless client-server systems using preference vectors
Pages : 840-842
Mohammad Mehdi Hassani , Vahid Jalali
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45. Multicast Algorithms and Boolean Logic
Pages : 843-846
Mohammad Mehdi Hassani , Vahid Jalali
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46 Simulation and Control Configuration of Integrated Three-Product (Petlyuk) Distillation Column
Pages : 847-852
R. Solar-Gonzalez, R. Monroy-Loperena , A. Velasco-Perez
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47. Pervasive SAS Techniques for Designing a Data Warehouse for an Integrated Enterprise: An Approach towards Business Process
Pages : 853-861
Ardhendu Tripathy, Kaberi Das, Tripti Swarnkar
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48. Sensor Networks Considered Harmful
Pages : 862-865
Mohammad Mehdi Hassani , Vahid Jalali
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49. Information Hiding Systems
Pages : 866-870
Meenakshi Kaul
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50. Design and Verification of Strip Line Directional Couplers for Various Applications in RF and Microwave Communication Systems
Pages : 871-875
N.S.Murthy Sarma,  M.Chakrapani and P.parvathi
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51. Brain Tumor Boundary Detection in MR Image by Homogeneity Enhancement Process
Pages : 876-883
Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay
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52. Edge Detection in Brain Images
Pages : 884-887
Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay
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53. Comparison of Layer and Block Based Classification in Compound Image Compression
Pages : 888-890
D.Maheswari ,V.Radha
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54. Morphological text localization using Wavelet and Neural network
Pages : 891-898
M .Nagu, B.Raja Rao, B.R.B.Jaswanth
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55. Effective Authentication Mechanisms for Mobile Devices :Smartcard(SMCA,BSCA)
Pages : 899-904
Amjan Shaik ,C.R.K.Reddy, Mohd Mukarram Uddin
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56. Secure Route Discovery in wireless image Content-Based authentication 
 Pages : 905-910
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57. Application of Sensor Component in Wireless Network’s for signal processing with Geographical information
Pages : 911-915
Surendra Bilouhan,Roopam Gupta
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58. A Comparative Analysis of Classifiers Accuracies for Bilingual Printed Documents (Oriya-English)
Pages : 916-923
Sanghamitra Mohanty, Himadri Nandini Das Bebartta
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Pages : 924-931
Amjan Shaik ,C.R.K.Reddy, Syed. Azar Ali
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60. Performance Evaluation Analysis of MLP & DG-RBF Feed Forward Neural Networks for pattern Classification of Handwritten English curve scripts 
Pages : 932-945
Naveen Kumar Sharma, S R Pande  and  Manu Pratap Singh
Abstract | PDFPDF  
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