VOLUME 5 ISSUE 4 July - August 2014

ISSN 0975 - 9646

1. Implementation of a Unique Light Weight Time Stamp Based Security Protocol for Wireless Adhoc Network
Pages : 4826-4829
Rajeev Dhawan , Swati Singhal
Abstract | PDFPDF
2. Optimized Intrusion Detection System
Pages : 4830-4833
Ragini Sen, Navdeep Kaur Saluja, Pratibha sahu
Abstract | PDFPDF
3. Automatic Red Blood Cell Counting using Watershed Segmentation
Pages : 4834-4838
Sumeet Chourasiya, G Usha Rani
Abstract | PDFPDF
4. Smart Authentication for Smart Phones
Pages : 4839-4843
Arpit Agrawal, Ashish Patidar
Abstract | PDFPDF
5. An Image Based Path Planning And Motion Planning for Autonomous Robot
Pages : 4844-4847
Heramb Nandkishor Joshi, Prof. J. P. Shinde
Abstract | PDFPDF
6. Side View Face Identification Based on Wavelet and Random Forest
Pages :4848-4853
Rahul Yogi, G Usha Rani
Abstract | PDFPDF
7. Prediction of Web Page by Hybrid Markov Model
Pages :4854-4855
Poonam kaushal ,Jitendra Dangra ,Dr.M.K.Rawat
Abstract | PDFPDF
8. Smart Grid with Multilayer Consensus ECC based PAKE Protocol
Pages :4848-4853
Meera Jadhav, Shilpa R Patil, Madhusudhan M.V
Abstract | PDFPDF
9. Randomized Additive Data Perturbation and Reconstruction Technique to Approximate Distribution of Original Information in PPDM
Pages :4864-4869
Dr. P.Kamakshi
Abstract | PDFPDF
10. Analysis of DeepWeb Search Interface
Pages :4870-4872
Yasha goel, Megha Bansal
Abstract | PDFPDF
11. Importance of Software Metrics to Quantify of Software Design and Source Code Quality
Pages :4873-4879
Siddharth Jain, Pradeep Baniya
Abstract | PDFPDF
12. Secure Data Packet of Cluster Head and Base Station in Wireless Sensor Networks
Pages :4880-4885
Abdo Saif Mohammed, M.N.Shanmukhaswamy
Abstract | PDFPDF
13. A Survey of Resource Scheduling Algorithms in Green Computing
Pages :4886-4890
Arshjot Kaur, Supriya Kinger
Abstract | PDFPDF
14. Image Steganography: A Review
Pages :4891-4896
Ayush Purohit, P.S.V.S.Sridhar
Abstract | PDFPDF
15. A Survey On: Distributed Monitoring for Scalable Hosting Infrastructures
Pages :4897-4901
Akshada Bhondave, Santoshkumar Biradar
Abstract | PDFPDF
16. Study of TORA FOR Mobile Ad-hoc Network
Pages :4902-4905
Ritu Sharma, Ritu Sindhu
Abstract | PDFPDF
17. Communication within Sensor Networks by Using Key Distributor
Pages :4906-4910
Ch. Demudu Naidu, Prof.S. Pallam Setty, M.V.Kishore, V.Annapoorna, D.Sailaja
Abstract | PDFPDF
18. A Novel Approach for Auto Classification and Grouping Similar User Query for Image Search
Pages :4911-4915
Shamali K. Kherdikar, Rajesh Kulkarni
Abstract | PDFPDF
19. Design and Verification of USB 3.0 Link Layer (LTSSM)
Pages :4916-4921
Rohit Kumar, Hardik Trivedi, Nitish Alok
Abstract | PDFPDF
20. Some Issues, Challenges and Problems of Distributed Software System
Pages :4922-4925
Kamal Sheel Mishra, Anil Kumar Tripathi
Abstract | PDFPDF
21. Detection and Prevention Techniques for Wormhole Attacks
Pages :4926-4929
Chandandeep kaur, Dr.Navdeep Kaur
Abstract | PDFPDF
22. An Innovative Approach to increase the Life time of Wireless Sensor Networks
Pages :4930-4935
R.Deenadhayalan, Dr.S Anandamurugan
Abstract | PDFPDF
23. Web Spam Detection Using Improved Decision Tree Classification Method
Pages :4936-4942
Rashmi R. Tundalwar, Prof. Manasi Kulkarni
Abstract | PDFPDF
24. A Survey of Parkinson’s Disease Using Data Mining Alogorithms
Pages :4943-4944
Dr. Hariganesh S, Gracy Annamary S
Abstract | PDFPDF
25. Efficient Method for Wimax Soft Handover in VOIP and IPTV
Pages :4945-4948
Mehru Nisha Sheikh, Dr. Kamal Sharma, Surjeet Dalal
Abstract | PDFPDF
26. Event Driven Clustering Scheme and Energy Efficient Routing for Wireless Sensor Network - A Review
Pages :4949-4951
Amandeep Kaur, Rupinder Kaur Gill
Abstract | PDFPDF
27. Genetic Algorithm Based Intrusion Detection System
Pages :4952-4957
Neha Rai, Khushbu Rai
Abstract | PDFPDF
28. Human Gait Recognition for Different Viewing Angles using PCA
Pages :4958-4961
Suvarna Shirke , Soudamini Pawar
Abstract | PDFPDF
29. Efficient Routing Tree Formation to Reduce Energy in Lightweight Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Pages :4962-4965
Neelamma B.U, Manoj Challa
Abstract | PDFPDF
30. A New Approach of Enhanced Buffer Management Policy in Delay Tolerant Network (DTN)
Pages :4966-4969
Mohammad Rahmatullah, Dr Priyanka Tripathi
Abstract | PDFPDF
31. Zero private information leak using multi-level security and privileged access for designated
authorities on demand

Pages :4970-4974
Syama BabuRaj, Pretty Babu
Abstract | PDFPDF
32. Simulation of MANET using GloMoSim Network Simulator
Pages :4975-4980
Kriti Jaiswal , Om Prakash
Abstract | PDFPDF
33. Encryption Techniques in Packet Hiding Methods to Prevent Jamming Attacks in Wireless Network
Pages :4981-4985
Rashmi B.Dhamannavar, Dr.Rashmi M.Jogdand
Abstract | PDFPDF
34. Genetic Neuro Fuzzy System for Hypertension Diagnosis
Pages :4986-4989
Arpneek Kaur, Abhishek Bhardwaj
Abstract | PDFPDF
35. Energy Efficient Zone Based Location Aided Routing Protocol for MANET
Pages :4990-4994
Ruchi Aggarwal, Amanpreet Kaur
Abstract | PDFPDF
36. Adaptive Quality Enhancement for Videos Using AGCWD
Pages :4995-4998
Banu Fathima Mariyam, Annes Philip
Abstract | PDFPDF
37. Robust Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Sinks
Pages :4999-5002
Shrikant D. Dhamdhere, Shanthi K.Guru
Abstract | PDFPDF
38. Adaptive Wavelet Packet Decomposition for Efficient Image Denoising By Using NeighSure Shrink Method
Pages :5003-5009
Mahalakshmi B.V, Anand M.J
Abstract | PDFPDF
39. Interpolation Based Image Super Resolution by Support-Vector-Regression
Pages :5010-5014
Sowmya. M , Anand M.J
Abstract | PDFPDF
40. Association Rule Mining in Discovering Travel Pattern in Passport Data Analysis
Pages :5015-5019
Praveen Rani, Dr. Rajan Vohra, Anju Gulia
Abstract | PDFPDF
41. Software Plagiarism Detection Techniques: A Comparative Study
Pages :5020-5024
Divya Luke, Divya P.S, Sony L Johnson, Sreeprabha S,Elizabeth.B.Varghese
Abstract | PDFPDF
42. Cloud Computing: Designing Different System Architecture Depending On Real-World Examples
Pages :5025-5029
Dr. Ravish Saggar, Ms. Shubhra Saggar,Ms. Nidhi Khurana
Abstract | PDFPDF
43. Secure Storage and Data Integrity Proof in Cloud
Pages :5030-5032
Adarsh R., P. ChidanandaMurthy
Abstract | PDFPDF
44. SYN Flooding Attacks in Mobile Adhoc Networks
Pages :5033-5037
Abstract | PDFPDF
45. Attribute-Based Encryption for Scalable and Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in
Cloud Computing

Pages :5038-5040
Prasad P S, Dr. G F Ali Ahammed
Abstract | PDFPDF
46. Automatic Face Detection & Identification Using Robust Face Name Graph Matching In Video &
Live Streaming

Pages :5041-5046
Ashish R Tulshi, Prof.Praveen Bhanodiya.
Abstract | PDFPDF
47. Algorithm to color a Circuit Dual Hypergraph for VLSI Circuit
Pages :5047-5052
Bornali Gogoi, Bichitra Kalita
Abstract | PDFPDF
48. Comparative Study of AODV, DSDV and DSR Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network
Using NS-2 Simulator

Pages :5053-5056
Anu Arya, Jagtar Singh
Abstract | PDFPDF
49. A Novel Hybrid Algorithm for Permutation Flow Shop Scheduling
Pages :5057-5061
Sandeep Kumar, Pooja Jadon
Abstract | PDFPDF
50. Defend Data using ELGAMAL Digital Signature Data Decryption Algorithm
Pages :5062-5067
K Vahini, V Prasad ,U V Chandra Sekhar
Abstract | PDFPDF
51. Issues in Mobile e-commerce: A survey
Pages :5068-5070
Manoj Giri, Sonia Singh
Abstract | PDFPDF
52. An Extensive Survey of Monitoring of Load Balance in Oracle Real Application Cluster
Pages :5071-5074
Neha Chandrima, Sunil Phulre, Dr. Vineet Richhariya
Abstract | PDFPDF
53. Comparative Study of Project Tracking and Management Tools
Pages :5075-5080
Yakshi Makhija, Ankush Goyal
Abstract | PDFPDF
54. Traffic Congestion Control through Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle to Infrastructure Communication
Pages :5081-5084
Thirupathi Lingala, Ashok Galipelli, Mahesh Thanneru
Abstract | PDFPDF
55. AuthMAN: Authentication in Multicast Mobile AdHoc Networks using Time Asymmetry
Pages :5085-5088
Prasad Chaudhari, Deepali Gothawal
Abstract | PDFPDF
56. Android Based Remote Control of Mobile Devices Using VNC System
Pages :5089-5091
Rashmi A. Kalje, Prof. S. P. Kosbatwar
Abstract | PDFPDF
57. Analysis of Student Result Using Clustering Techniques
Pages :5092-5094
P.Veeramuthu, Dr.R.Periyasamy, V.Sugasini
Abstract | PDFPDF
58. Wireless Sensor Monitoring System
Pages :5095-5097
Tushar C. Korade, Dr. Mrs. A. A. Shinde
Abstract | PDFPDF
59. Survey on Text Classification (Spam) Using Machine Learning
Pages :5098-5102
Neetu Sharma, GaganpreetKaur, Ashish Verma
Abstract | PDFPDF
60. Analysis and Classification Technique Based On ANN for EEG Signals
Pages :5103-5105
Neelam Rout
Abstract | PDFPDF
61. Detecting Users Behavior from Web Access Logs with Automated Log Analyzer Tool
Pages :5106-5109
Deepti Sahu, Shweta Meena
Abstract | PDFPDF
62. Liver Patient Classification Using Intelligent Techniques
Pages :5110-5115
Anju Gulia, Dr. Rajan Vohra, Praveen Rani
Abstract | PDFPDF
63. Maximum Profit Based tasks Scheduling Over Peer-to-Peer Network for Market-Like Cloud
Computing Systems

Pages :5116-5119
Sasidharan S
Abstract | PDFPDF
64. Impact & Analysis of DVROFT Filter on TEM Image
Pages :5120-5124
Garima Goyal
Abstract | PDFPDF
65. Design of a Cordic Based Radix-4 FFT Processor
Pages :5125-5128
Ajay S. Padekar, Prof. S. S. Belsare
Abstract | PDFPDF
66. A Review on: Advanced Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) approach for IDS by layered method
Pages :5129-5131
P. D. Somwanshi and S. M. Chaware
Abstract | PDFPDF
67. Survey: Secured Techniques for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
Pages :5132-5135
Sushilkumar Yadav, Chandrakant Navdeti
Abstract | PDFPDF
68. Improved Qualitative Color Image Steganography Based on DWT
Pages :5136-5140
Naresh Goud M, Arjun Nelikanti, Muni Sekhar V
Abstract | PDFPDF
69. Study of Network Coding Based Multipath Routing Protocol For Multicast Network
Pages :5141-5144
Gunjal M.S., Prof.S.A.Shaikh
Abstract | PDFPDF
70. City Crime Profiling Using Cluster Analysis
Pages :5145-5148
Priyanka Gera, Rajan Vohra
Abstract | PDFPDF
71. A Novel Methodology for Implementing a DDos Attack and Prevention
Pages :5149-5152
Rachna Tewani, Saumya Singh, Arun Kumar Dubey
Abstract | PDFPDF
72. A Secured Adaptive Mobile Video Streaming and Efficient Social Video Sharing in the Clouds
Pages :5153-5156
V.Manasa , M.Vikram
Abstract | PDFPDF
73. Balanced- Ternary Logic for Improved and Advanced Computing
Pages :5157-5160
Shamshad Ahmad, Mansaf Alam
Abstract | PDFPDF
74. Load Estimation and Prediction on Passport Data Using Linear Regression
Pages :5161-5165
Swati Rana, Rajan Vohra
Abstract | PDFPDF
75. Risk Computation and Identification in Passport Data Analysis
Pages :5166-5169
Sucheta Gulia,Dr. Rajan Vohra
Abstract | PDFPDF
76. Sharing Health Records in Personal and Public Domains in a Secure Environment with ABE
Pages :5170-5173
M Thulasi, D Shobha Rani
Abstract | PDFPDF
77. Prediction of Diabetes Using Bayesian Network
Pages :5174-5178
Mukesh kumari, Dr. Rajan Vohra ,Anshul Arora
Abstract | PDFPDF
78. Trusted Clustering Based Event Detection for Disaster Management in Wireless Sensor Network
Pages :5179-5181
Apurva Saoji, Prof.P.D.Lambhate
Abstract | PDFPDF
79. Traditional Learning versus Web Based Learning: Performance Analysis
Pages :5182-5184
Kavita Saini, Dr. Abdul Wahid, Dr. G N Purohit
Abstract | PDFPDF
80. Token-MAC: Inactive RFID Systems for A light MAC Protocol
Pages :5185-5188
N.Anusha, P. Ramesh Babu, P.Nirupama
Abstract | PDFPDF
81. Efficient Self Protection in Clustered Distributed System Using Access Detection
Pages :5189-5191
Priyadarshini Patil
Abstract | PDFPDF
82. Radar Imaging of Concealed Targets
Pages :5192-5196
Vidya H A
Abstract | PDFPDF
83. Performance Improvement of Mobile Ad hoc Networks under Jamming Attack
Pages :5197-5200
Snehita Modi, Dr. Paramjeet Singh, Dr. Shaveta Rani
Abstract | PDFPDF
84. Prevention of Black Hole Attack in AODV Routing Algorithm of MANET Using Trust Based Computing
Pages :5201-5205
Ashish Sharma, Dinesh Bhuriya, Upendra Singh, Sushma Singh
Abstract | PDFPDF
85. A System to Improve Data Quality in healthcare using Naïve Bayes Classifier
Pages :5206-5209
Shwetkranti N. Taware, Vaishali Kolhe
Abstract | PDFPDF
86. Securing Image Password by using Persuasive Cued Click Points with AES Algorithm
Pages :5210-5215
Smita Chaturvedi, Rekha Sharma
Abstract | PDFPDF
87. Estimation of Missing Values Using Decision Tree Approach
Pages :5216-5220
Gimpy, Dr. Rajan Vohra, Minakshi
Abstract | PDFPDF
88. Dynamic Caption Generation with Image Annotation
Pages :5221-5224
Thirupathi Podeti, Bhanu Prasad A
Abstract | PDFPDF
89. Performance Analysis of Black-Hole Attack in MANET
Pages :5225-5230
Jyoti, Rashmi Kushwah
Abstract | PDFPDF
90. Studies on Clustering and Fuzzy Clustering
Pages :5231-5232
K.Velusamy, A. Sakthivel, M. Jayakeerthi
Abstract | PDFPDF
91. Storing, Querying and Validating Fuzzy XML Data in Relational Database
Pages :5233-5240
Naresh Kumar. K, Satyanand Reddy. Ch, V.E.S. Murthy. N
Abstract | PDFPDF
92. Segmentation of Mobile Customers for Improving Profitability Using Data Mining Techniques
Pages :5241-5244
Anshul Arora, Dr. Rajan Vohra
Abstract | PDFPDF
93. Extractive Multi Document Summarizer Alogorithim
Pages :5245-5248
Amit.S.Zore, Aarati Deshpande
Abstract | PDFPDF
94. Digital Watermarking Using Hybridization of Optimization Techniques:A Review
Pages :5249-5251
Sonil Sood
Abstract | PDFPDF
95. Automated Detection of Neovascular Glaucoma through Fractal Dimension Method
Pages :5252-5257
Dharmanna Lamani, Dr. T. C. Manjunath, Dr. U P Kulkarni
Abstract | PDFPDF
96. Review of Algorithms and Applications in Speech Recognition System
Pages :5258-5262
Rashmi C R
Abstract | PDFPDF
97. Parallel Programming Models: A Systematic Survey
Pages :5268-5271
Chougule Meenal D, Gutte Prashant H
Abstract | PDFPDF
98. Content Based Video Retrieval by Genre Recognition Using Tree Pruning Technique
Pages :5263-5267
Amit Fegade, Prof. Vipul Dalal
Abstract | PDFPDF
99. A New Clustering Based Algorithm for Feature Subset Selection
Pages :5272-5275
Nitin B Chopade, Beena S Khade
Abstract | PDFPDF
100. Issues and Challenges in Complex Analysis of Variables
Pages :5276-5278
M.V.Mawale, Dr.Vinay Chavan
Abstract | PDFPDF
101. Survey on Data Mining with Privacy Preservation
Pages :5279-5283
Sachin Janbandhu, Dr.S.M.Chaware
Abstract | PDFPDF
102. Enhancing Storage and Computational Performance of Android Phones Using Virtual Machine in Cloud
Pages :5284-5287
Joshi Rakhi, Prof. V.B. Maral
Abstract | PDFPDF
103. An Efficient Software Prediction on Cloud infrastructure With Self- Adaptive Classification Model
Pages :5288-5295
Chidambaram Kandavel, Chandrasekar C
Abstract | PDFPDF
104. Comparison of LTE (Long Term Evolution) and WiMax on fixed and mobile networks for TCP, UDP traffics using NS2 Simulator
Pages :5296-5300
Ankita Sengar
Abstract | PDFPDF
105. Speech Based Voice Recognition System for Natural Language Processing
Pages :5301-5305
Dr. Kavitha. R, Nachammai. N, Ranjani. R, Shifali. J
Abstract | PDFPDF
106. Biometric Identification of an Individual Using Eigenface Method
Pages :5306-5309
Sheela Shankar, V.R Udupi
Abstract | PDFPDF
107. A survey: Web mining via Tag and Value
Pages :5310-5314
Khirade Rajratna Rajaram, Balaji Shetty
Abstract | PDFPDF
108. Missing Value Imputation in Multi Attribute Data Set
Pages :5315-5321
Minakshi, Dr. Rajan Vohra, Gimpy
Abstract | PDFPDF
109. Privacy Preservation of Published Data through Record Elimination by Anonymizied Approach
Pages :5322-5324
Sakshi Agrawal
Abstract | PDFPDF
110. Uncovering of Plant Disease Based on Content Recovery from Images
Pages :5325-5327
Tejaswini C. Karpe, Deipali V. Gore
Abstract | PDFPDF
111. Implementation of Emergency Call Notification - Advanced PBX Feature using SIP protocol
Pages :5328-5332
Sunil. S, T. A. Chavan
Abstract | PDFPDF
112. Cloud Computing and an End-System Redundancy Elimination Service for Enterprises
Pages :5333-5335
Ganapathi Avabrath
Abstract | PDFPDF
113. A Case Study on Mathematical Morphology Segmentation for MRI Brain Image
Pages :5336-5340
Senthilkumaran N , Kirubakaran C
Abstract | PDFPDF
114. Flame Detection in Videos Based on SVM
Pages :5341-5344
Madhuri R. Choutmahal, Prof. Pravin M. Kamde
Abstract | PDFPDF
115. An Enhanced Agent Based Simulation using Selected Viewing Multi-Resolution Modeling
Pages :5345-5350
Vivek Sharma, Anil Sagar
Abstract | PDFPDF
116. A Survey on Data Sharing Using Encryption Technique in Cloud Computing
Pages :5351-5354
Swarup kshatriya, Dr.Sandip M Chaware
Abstract | PDFPDF
117. Challenges in Edge Extraction of Dental X-Ray Images Using Image Processing Algorithms – A Review
Pages :5355-5358
Gayathri V, Hema P Menon
Abstract | PDFPDF
118. Improved Handover Mechanisms to Reduce Packet Forwarding in LTE-Advanced Using Single Poll

Pages :5359-5362
Nikhil Trikoti S, Nayana S
Abstract | PDFPDF
119. Image Denoising using Neural Network with SVM (Support Vector Machine) and LDA (Linear Discriminant Analysis)
Pages :5363-5367
Ahmad Ali Saihood
Abstract | PDFPDF
120. Firefly Algorithm to Solve Two Dimensional Bin Packing Problem
Pages :5368-5373
Kratika Chandra , Sudhir Singh
Abstract | PDFPDF
121. Classification Of PEC Detect Using Hybrid Technique
Pages :5374- 5385
V.Leelavathy, Dr.J.Komalalakshmi
Abstract | PDFPDF
122. Geocast Routing in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks: A Survey
Pages :5365-5370
Seema Kamboj, Sunil Chawla
Abstract | PDFPDF
123. Propagate Cooperative Caching on MANETS
Pages :5371-5374
P. Nagaraju, S. Praneetha
Abstract | PDFPDF
124. An Empirical Study of Multipath Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks
Pages :5375-5379
Swati Lipsa
Abstract | PDFPDF
125. Performance Efficient DNA Sequence Detection on GPUUsing Parallel Pattern Matching Approach
Pages :5380-5385
Rahul Shirude, Valmik B. Nikam, B.B. Meshram
Abstract | PDFPDF
126. Off-line Signature Verification Using Artificial Neural Network & Error Detection
Pages :5386-5389
Madhavi D. Malekar, Prof. Sachin Sohara
Abstract | PDFPDF
127. Review for Multibiometric Cryptosystem using Fuzzy Vault for Wired Network
Pages :5390-5392
Ketaki N. Bhoyar, Manasi K. Kulkarni
Abstract | PDFPDF
128. Image Fusion on Multi Focused Images using NSCT
Pages :5393-5396
Kurakula Sravya, Dr. P. Govardhan, Naresh Goud M
Abstract | PDFPDF
129. Using SG-PKM Improve security mechanism for Supporting Routing Services on WANET
Pages :5397-5399
Ashwini Shendre, P. S. Mohod
Abstract | PDFPDF
130. Fuzzy Weighted Associative Classifier based on Positive and Negative Rules
Pages :5400-5403
M. Kalpana Devi, M. Usha Rani
Abstract | PDFPDF
131. Authenticated Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Algorithm
Pages :5404-5407
Navpreet Kaur, Ritu Nagpal
Abstract | PDFPDF
132. Image-to-Image Retrieval with Similarity Measures
Pages :5408-5411
Manisha Ballal, Prof. Potdar G.P.
Abstract | PDFPDF
133. Awareness of Plagiarism: Marching Approaches and Renovations-A Survey
Pages :5412-5414
C.I.Arthi, Dimple Bohra
Abstract | PDFPDF
134. Improvement of Bandwidth Efficient Video and Live Streaming in Mobile using AWS Cloud
Pages :5415-5421
Vinod S H , Dr. K N Rama Mohan Babu
Abstract | PDFPDF
135. A Survey on Feature Level Sentiment Analysis
Pages :5422-5425
Neha S. Joshi, Suhasini A. Itkat
Abstract | PDFPDF
136. Locating Sequence Blocks using Logical Match
Pages :5426-5428
Sanil Shanker KP
Abstract | PDFPDF
137. A Study of the Issues and Security of Cloud Computing
Pages :5429-5434
Shaurya Gupta, Piyush Gupta
Abstract | PDFPDF
138. Wireless Networks And Cross-Layer Design: An Implementation Approach
Pages :5435-5440
Vitthal B.Kamble, Dr. M.U.Kharat
Abstract | PDFPDF
139. State-of-the-art of Content Delivery Network
Pages :5441-5446
Manish Gupta, Dharmendra Kumar
Abstract | PDFPDF
140. Secure Cloud – A Survey
Pages :5447-5449
I Jaffar Ali, N Shareefa Rabiya
Abstract | PDFPDF
141. A Novel Pattern Matching Algorithm in Genome Sequence Analysis
Pages :5450-5457
Ashish Prosad Gope, Rabi Narayan Behera
Abstract | PDFPDF
142. Refining an Ad-hoc Network Performance by Executing Multiple Channel in Mac Protocol
Pages :5458-5460
D.Helen, Dr.D.Arivazhagan
Abstract | PDFPDF
143. Iris Image compression using Mallat based wavelet, Directional Filter Bank and SPIHT
Pages :5461-5464
Uma Rathod, Mandar Sohani, Deepali Vora
Abstract | PDFPDF
144. Energy Economical Resolution for Heavy Computation Using Cloud
Pages :5465-5469
Fazeel Irshad Zama, Dr. Manoj B. Chandak
Abstract | PDFPDF
145. Comparative Analysis of Encrypted Video Streaming in Cloud Network
Pages :5470-5476
Sangeeta Gupta, Lalit Kishor, Dinesh Goyal
Abstract | PDFPDF
146. Virtual Machine Placement Based on Disk I/O Load in Cloud
Pages :5477-5479
Pathan Noumankhan Sayeedkhan, Shetty Balaji S.
Abstract | PDFPDF
147. Mining Social Media-Utility Based Privacy Preservation
Pages :5480-5485
V.Vijayalakshmi, A.S.Arunachalam, R.Nandhakumar
Abstract | PDFPDF
148. Panoramic Image Formation Using Corner Detection On Image Grids
Pages :5486-5490
Amar Nath Shukla, Imran Ullah Khan, Manshi Shukla
Abstract | PDFPDF
149. Node-Disjoint Multipath Routing Based on AOMDV Protocol for MANETS
Pages :5491-5496
Er.Rubia Singla, Er. Jasvir Singh
Abstract | PDFPDF
150. RAI-DD: Reliability, Availability Identification& Dynamic Decision Based Replica Distribution for Cloud Computing
Pages :5497-5502
Sapna Engle, Gaurav Shriwastava
Abstract | PDFPDF
151. A Compartive Study about Different Social Networking Sites
Pages :5503-5507
Shashank Gupta, Shilpi Sharma
Abstract | PDFPDF
152. Review paper on Cognitive Radio Networking and Communications
Pages :5508-5511
Ayubi Preet, Amandeep Kaur
Abstract | PDFPDF
153. A Survey on Different Hybrid Routing Protocols of MANET
Pages :5512-5516
Kanishka Raheja , Sunil Kr Maakar
Abstract | PDFPDF
154. Survey on Energy Efficient Approach for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network
Pages :5517-5520
Mohini Kumrawat, Manoj Dhawan
Abstract | PDFPDF
155. Identity-Based Cryptography and Comparison with traditional Public key Encryption: A Survey
Pages :5521-5525
Girish, Phaneendra H.D
Abstract | PDFPDF
156. Natural Feature Tracking (NFT) Enabled Low Cost Human Machine Interface (HMI) for Real Time
Applications in Mobile

Pages :5526-5528
Krishna Chauhan, Sandeep Singh Padan
Abstract | PDFPDF
157. A Self-Configured Secure Protocol for the Management of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Pages :5529-5532
K.Srinivas, G.Balu NarasimhaRao, Dr.Sai Satyanarayana Reddy
Abstract | PDFPDF
158. VOIP Over Wimax: A Comprehensive Review
Pages :5533-5535
Preetinder Singh, Ravneet Kaur
Abstract | PDFPDF
159. EMS: An Android Application for Emergency Patients
Pages :5536-5538
Sanjay. A. Agrawal, Shrikant. B. Chavan
Abstract | PDFPDF
160. Flocking Behaviour Simulation : Explanation and Enhancements in Boid Algorithm
Pages :5539-5544
Mohit Sajwan, Devashish Gosain, Sagarkumar Surani
Abstract | PDFPDF
161. Overview: Software Reliability Growth Models
Pages :5545-5547
Shailee Lohmor, Dr. B B Sagar
Abstract | PDFPDF
162. Dual Digest Symmetric Key Security Scheme for AODV in MANET
Pages :5548-5552
Gandhi Krunal A., Patel Tejal K.
Abstract | PDFPDF
163. Optimized Mobile Search Engine
Pages :5553-5559
E.Chaitanya, Dr.Sai Satyanarayana Reddy, O.Srinivasa Reddy
Abstract | PDFPDF
164. IMPACT OF VIRUS: A Strategy against Virus Attack in Daily Life
Pages :5560-5564
Pramod Kumar Maurya, Gireesh Dixit, Jay Prakash Maurya
Abstract | PDFPDF
165. Enhanced Character Recognition Using Surf Feature and Neural Network Technique
Pages :5565-5570
Reetika Verma , Rupinder Kaur
Abstract | PDFPDF
166. An Approach to Effective Bandwidth Utilization using Software Define Networking
Pages :5571-5574
Deepika M S, K N Rama Mohan babu
Abstract | PDFPDF
167. Future Practicability of Android Application Development with New Android Libraries and

Pages :5575-5579
Shruti Mukherjee , Ishani Mondal
Abstract | PDFPDF
168. An Approach to Remove Security Vulnerability Affected By SQL Code Injection Attack
Pages :5580-5583
Shanu Verma, Poonam
Abstract | PDFPDF
169. Data Compression Techniques
Pages :5584-5586
Gaurav Sethi , Sweta Shaw ,Vinutha K , Chandrani Chakravorty
Abstract | PDFPDF
170. Comparison of Different Adaptive Speech Algorithm to Correct Wow and Flutter in Audio Signals
Pages :5587-5600
Chanda Thakur , Satbir Singh
Abstract | PDFPDF
171. Review on Event Retrieval in Soccer Video
Pages :5601-5605
Ganesh.I.Rathod, Dipali.A.Nikam
Abstract | PDFPDF
172. Different Clustering Pattern Algorithms using Tropical Storm Data
Pages :5606-5609
Capt.Dr.S.Santhosh Baboo, K.Tajudin
Abstract | PDFPDF
173. Content Based Image Retrieval Using Interactive Genetic Algorithm with Relevance Feedback

Pages :5610-5613
Anita N. Ligade, Manisha R. Patil
Abstract | PDFPDF
174. An Ensemble Approach to Enhance Performance of Webpage Classification
Pages :5614-5619
Roshani Choudhary, Jagdish Raikwal
Abstract | PDFPDF
175. Investigating the Effect of Fault Category on Overall Capture Probability during Requirements

Pages :5620-5624
Tejalal Choudhary, Anurag Goswami
Abstract | PDFPDF
176. ICT And National Security in Developing and Underdeveloped Countries – The Good, The Bad and
The Ugly: A Case Study of Nigeria’s Cyberspace

Pages :5625-5633
Emmanuel C. Ogu, Oyeyinka D. Oyerinde
Abstract | PDFPDF
177. A Comparative Study of Software Quality Models
Pages :5634-5638
Suman, Manoj Wadhwa
Abstract | PDFPDF
178. Multi-Parametrized Optimized Ad-Hoc On Demand Distance Vector Routing
Pages :5639-5642
Pratibha Sahu
Abstract | PDFPDF
179. Multi-Criteria Decision Making: An overview of different selection problems and methods
Pages :5643-5646
Rohan K. Gavade
Abstract | PDFPDF
180. Sequential Clustering Algorithms for Anonymizing Social Networks
Pages :5647-5650
P.Mohana Lakshmi, P.Balaji, P.Nirupama
Abstract | PDFPDF
181. A Hybrid Best So Far Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Function Optimization
Pages :5651-5658
Gajendra Shrimal, Rakesh Rathi
Abstract | PDFPDF
182. A Generalized Association Rule Mining Framework for Pattern Discovery
Pages :5659-5662
Ravindra Changala, Dr. D Rajeswara Rao, Annapurna Gummadi
Abstract | PDFPDF
183. PhishIdentifier: A Mozilla Firefox plugin to protect user against Phishing attacks
Pages :5663-5666
Pooja V. Kalola, Sachin Patel, Rakesh Pandit
Abstract | PDFPDF
184. Enhanced Adaptive Acknowledgement for Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Pages :5667-5670
B.Sowndarya, G.V.Suresh, O.SrinivasaReddy, Dr.Sai Satyanarayana Reddy
Abstract | PDFPDF
185. A Comparative Study on Load Balancing Algorithms with Different Service Broker Policies in Cloud Computing
Pages :5671-5677
Sonia Lamba , Dharmendra Kumar
Abstract | PDFPDF
186. Performance Analysis of Beacon Enabled IEEE 802.15.4 Using GTS in Zigbee
Pages :5678-5682
Rajashri Wavage, Aman Kaushik
Abstract | PDFPDF
187. A System for Quantitative Evaluation of the Privacy in Cloud Computing
Pages :5683-5689
Fatima N. AL-Aswadi, Omar Batarfi
Abstract | PDFPDF
188. Military Simulator-A Case Study
Pages :5690-5693
Shruti Jadon, Anubhav Singhal
Abstract | PDFPDF
189. Modified GA Based Routing Protocol for Efficient QoS Routing for MANETs
Pages :5694-5699
M.L.Ravi Chandra , Dr.P. Chandra Sekhar Reddy
Abstract | PDFPDF
190. Wearable Computing and its Application
Pages :5700-5704
Smita Jhajharia, Dr. S. K. Pal, Dr. Seema Verma
Abstract | PDFPDF
191. Improving QoS in Spontaneous Ad hoc Neworks
Pages :5705-5707
Gayathri Pradeep, Anna Prathiba Shobak
Abstract | PDFPDF
192. A Study on RSA Algorithm for Cryptography
Pages :5708-5709
Saranya, Vinothini, Vasumathi
Abstract | PDFPDF
193. New Antiphishing Approach Based on Probabilistic Model of (t, n) VC Scheme for Commerce Bank
Pages :5710-5715
Mangala S. Wale, Gayatri M. Bhandari
Abstract | PDFPDF
194. Motion Detection and Optical Flow
Pages :5716-5719
Deepa Raju, Philumon Joseph
Abstract | PDFPDF
195. Stipulated Ranking Technique for Image Search Engines
Pages :5720-5723
B. Ravi Teja, P.V. Hari Prasad
Abstract | PDFPDF
196. Proof-Based Intrusion Detection System in MANETs
Pages :5724-5725
Nimmy.S, Sreenimol K.R
Abstract | PDFPDF
197. The Migration to Meta Cloud from Vendor Lock-In
Pages :5726-5728
Vishweshwaraiah.L.M, N.Parashuram, Dr.S.Prem kumar
Abstract | PDFPDF
198. Online Hand Writing Recognition System on Android Based Mobiles
Pages :5729-5733
Phani Sridhar A
Abstract | PDFPDF
199. Comparative Study on Linear and Non-Linear Models for Spell Correction
Pages :5734-5736
Sai Sathya Bapuji, K. Abirami
Abstract | PDFPDF
200. Hierarchical Sensor Network Routing: A Survey
Pages :5737-5740
Priyanka Pareek
Abstract | PDFPDF
201. Integration of Advanced e-FIR Lodging System with General Hospitals for Medical Report Generation
Pages :5741-5744
Amit Sharma, Ashok, Meenakshi Sindhu
Abstract | PDFPDF
202. Detection and Removal of Shadow using Chromaticity
Pages :5745-5747
Priya Garg, Kirtika Goyal
Abstract | PDFPDF
203. Development of an Electronic Patient Medical Record (e-PMR) App for Doctors Using Smart Phones
Pages :5748-5750
Rajesh R Mane, R.V.Kulkarni, Pallavi M Dessai
Abstract | PDFPDF
204. Medical Data Mining Life Cycle and its Role in Medical Domain
Pages :5751-5755
Surabhi Thorat, Seema Kute
Abstract | PDFPDF
205. Episode Discovery from Event Evolution
Pages :5756-5762
Rutuja Ahirrao, Sachin Patel, Rakesh Pandit
Abstract | PDFPDF
206. A Novel Hybrid Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Numerical Function Optimization
Pages :5763-5770
Suraj Yadav, Sunil Dhankhar
Abstract | PDFPDF
207. Recommendation Systems:Issues and challenges
Pages :5771-5772
Soanpet .Sree Lakshmi , Dr.T.Adi Lakshmi
Abstract | PDFPDF
208. An ACO Approach to Maximize Lifetime of Heterogeneous WSN
Pages :5773-5775
Saburi Parvatkar, Deipali Gore
Abstract | PDFPDF
209. Analysis of Client Honeypots
Pages :5776-5780
Jhilam Biswas, Ashutosh
Abstract | PDFPDF
210. An Improved Approach for MANET Security using Cluster Based Certificate Revocation
Pages :5781-5784
Gayathri Mohan, Renjana Ramachandran
Abstract | PDFPDF
211. QoS based Optimal Routing in WSN using Hybrid Intelligent Bee Colony Agent
Pages :5785-5792
T. Karthikeyan and B. Subramani
Abstract | PDFPDF
212. Detection of Clones in Sparse and Dense Data Sets Using Efficient Data Mining Techniques
: A Comparative Study

Pages :5793-5796
Puli Manjeera, Panuganti.Ravi
Abstract | PDFPDF
213. Implementing Intelligent Monitoring Techniques in Agriculture Using Wireless Sensor Networks
Pages :5797-5800
Julakanti Preetham Kumar, Dr Syed Umar, Chunduri Sree Harsha, Bommareddy Nagasai
Abstract | PDFPDF
214. Markov Logic Network: Unify Framework for Ontology Learning
Pages :5801 - 5806
K. Karthikeyan, Dr. V. Karthikeyani
Abstract | PDFPDF
215. On Effective Protection of Security and Privacy in XML Information Brokering
Pages :5807-5813
Noe Elisa, Kare Suresh Babu
Abstract | PDFPDF
216. Performance Comparison of Variants of Ant Colony Optimization Technique for Online Tuning of a Pi Controller for a Three Phase Induction Motor Drive
Pages :5814-5820
Jasdeep Kour, Sheela Tiwari
Abstract | PDFPDF
217. Big Data and the Opportunities and Challenges for Government Agencies
Pages :5821-5824
Varun Singh, Ishan Srivastava, Vishal Johri
Abstract | PDFPDF
218. Triple Security of Data in Cloud Computing
Pages :5825-5827
Garima Saini, Naveen Sharma
Abstract | PDFPDF
219. Enhancing Engineering Education in an Indian Education System: WebBlogs
Pages :5828-5830
Dr. K.Udai Kumar,Dr. Uma N. Dulhare
Abstract | PDFPDF
220. Feature Subset Selection Algorithm for Elevated Dimensional Data By using Fast Cluster
Pages :5831-5834
B.Swarna Kumari, M.Doorvasulu Naidu
Abstract | PDFPDF
221. Adoption Factors for e-Malls in the SME Sector in Saudi Arabia
Pages :5835-5856
Adel A. Bahaddad, Rayed AlGhamdi, Salem Alkhalaf
Abstract | PDFPDF
222. Data Mining Techniques Using WEKA classification for Sickle Cell Disease
Pages :5857-5860
Ashokkumar Vijaysinh Solanki
Abstract | PDFPDF
223. An Enhanced Method for Spam Filtering Based on Basiyan Classifier
Pages :5861-5864
Krutika Rani Sahu
Abstract | PDFPDF
224. A Survey On Big Data Analytics In Health Care
Pages :5865-5868
Priyanka K, Nagarathna Kulennavar
Abstract | PDFPDF
225. Linux Kernel Memory Protection (ARM)
Pages :5869-5871
Manjeet Singh, Vaneet
Abstract | PDFPDF
226. Holy Grail of Outlier Detection Technique: A Macro Level Take on the State of the Art
Pages :5872-5874
Safal V Bhosale
Abstract | PDFPDF
227. Survey on Name Entity Recognition
Pages :5875-5879
Daljit Kaur, Ashish Verma
Abstract | PDFPDF
228. Monitoring Physical Activities Using WBAN
Pages :5880-5886
R.Meena, S.Ravishankar, J.Gayathri
Abstract | PDFPDF
229. Article Removed
Pages :xxx-xxx
xxx, xxx
Abstract | PDFPDF
230. Data Mining Vs Statistical Techniques for Classification of NSL-KDD Intrusion Data
Pages :5892-5895
Aakansha Patel, Santosh Sammarvar, Amar Naik
Abstract | PDFPDF
231. An Information Motivated Framework to Behavioral Reasoning in Smart Locations
Pages :5896-5897
G.Tamilmani, P.Ponnaruvi, B.Kayalvizhi, K.Rajathi, M.Ramya
Abstract | PDFPDF
232. A Review on Edge Detection Techniques for Image Segmentation
Pages :5898-5900
Shubhashree Savant
Abstract | PDFPDF
233. An SVM Based Approach to Breast Cancer Classification using RBF and Polynomial Kernel
Functions with Varying Arguments

Pages :5901-5904
S.V.G.Reddy, K.Thammi Reddy, V. Valli Kumari , Kamadi VSRP Varma
Abstract | PDFPDF
234. An Study on Performance Analysis of Ring Based Index Data Management in WSN
Pages :5905-5911
Dasprakash.G, Manjunath T N, Kanche Rajkumar
Abstract | PDFPDF
235. Electronic Parking Lot Payment using Passive RFID and Cloud Computing
Pages :5912-5914
Shilpa Batwal(Abhang), Dr. S. K. Yadav
Abstract | PDFPDF
236. Review on Traditional Methods of Edge Detection to Morphological based Techniques
Pages :5915-5920
Debaraj Rana, Sunita Dalai
Abstract | PDFPDF
237. Relevance of Genetic Algorithm Strategies in Query Optimization in Information Retrieval
Pages :5921-5927
Anubha Jain, Swati V. Chande, Preeti Tiwari
Abstract | PDFPDF
238. An Effective Image Enhancement Method using Binary Morphology
Pages :5928-5930
P.Manju Bala, S.Usharani, J.Nulyn Punitha
Abstract | PDFPDF
239. Design Criteria and Challenges of Industrial Wireless Sensor Network
Pages :5931-5934
Abstract | PDFPDF
240. An Efficient Image Re Ranking Based On Keyword Expansion Using Query Log
Pages :5935 - 5938
M.Jeyappratha, S.C.Punitha
Abstract | PDFPDF
241. Data Mining Approaches for Diabetes using Feature selection
Pages :5939-5943
Thangaraju P, NancyBharathi G
Abstract | PDFPDF
242. Image Fusion Using Kuwahara Filter
Pages :5944 - 5949
Jincy Kuriakose, Jeena Joy
Abstract | PDFPDF
243. Hybrid Ant System Algorithm for Solving Quadratic Assignment Problems
Pages :5950-5956
Santosh Kumar Sahu, Manish Pandey
Abstract | PDFPDF
244. Sequence Alignment in DNA Using Smith Waterman and Needleman Algorithms
Pages :5957-5960
M.P Sudha, P.Sripriya
Abstract | PDFPDF
245. Data Mining Classification Algorithm for ETesting and Analysis Processing
Pages :5961-5962
M.Archana, Veeraraghavan
Abstract | PDFPDF
246. IAPSO-TCI: Improved Ant and Particle Swarm based Optimization Techniques for Classifying Imagery
Pages :5963-5969
Rebika Rai, Ratika Pradhan, M.K.Ghose
Abstract | PDFPDF
247. Huddle Based Harmonic K Means Clustering Using Iterative Relocation on Water Treatment Plant Data Attributes
Pages :5970-5977
S. Adaekalavan and Dr. C. Chandrasekar
Abstract | PDFPDF
248. A Novel Approach Towards K-Mean Clustering Algorithm With PSO
Pages :5978-5986
Gursharan Saini, Harpreet Kaur
Abstract | PDFPDF
249. Educational Data mining for Prediction of Student Performance Using Clustering Algorithms
Pages :5987-5991
M. Durairaj , C. Vijitha
Abstract | PDFPDF
250. Geography Ontology Used to Improve Semantic Information Retrieval
Pages :5992-5994
Chetna Devkar, Preeti Jain
Abstract | PDFPDF
251. Anonymization: Enhancing Privacy and Security of Sensitive Data of Online Social Networks
Pages :5995-6000
Gaurav .P.R., Gururaj.T
Abstract | PDFPDF
252. Investigating Suspicious Transactions through High Value Networks in Financial Intelligence Services
Pages :6001-6006
Anu Dahiya, Rajan Vohra
Abstract | PDFPDF
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