VOLUME 8 ISSUE 4 July - August 2017

ISSN 0975 - 9646

1. Study of Task Scheduling Algorithms in the Cloud Computing Environment: A Review
Pages :462-468
Ashwani Kumar Yadav, Hardwari Lal Mandoria
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2. Survey on intelligent Data Mining of Social Media for improving health Care
Pages :469-471
Aradhana. S.Ghorpade
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3. Big data Analytics: Boon to OSS/BSS
Pages :472-474
Prof. Esmita Gupta
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4. A Priority Based Round Robin CPU Scheduling Algorithm
Pages :475-478
Monika Belwal, Sanjay Kumar
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5. Design & Implementation of a Page Replacement Algorithm Using Block Reading
Pages :479-482
Ruchi Gairola, Sanjay Kumar
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6. Cloud Computing for Business: Advantages, Challenges and Solutions
Pages :483-484
Narmata Madan Nerli
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7. Optimal Resource Allocation Strategy Using Energy Efficient Optimized Clustering With Genetic Optimization In Cooperative CRN’s.
Pages :485-489
Rohini Vashisth, Dr. Vinit Grewal
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8. Data Analysis on Social Network Media Data like Twitter Using Sentiment Analysis
Pages :490-494
B.Jyothi, D Sailaja, M V Kishore
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9. Automation of Firewall Management System
Pages :495-497
Amit Sulakhe, Ravindra Divekar
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10. Comparative Analysis of Data extraction Association rule Algorithms
Pages :498-501
Dr. Monika Rathore, Ms. Yogita Sharma
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11. Efficient Web Browsing on Smartphones
Pages :502-505
Pramod Gandugade, Disha Deotale
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12. Interference Cancellation for the Downlink Wavelet Based Multi-Carrier CDMA System
Pages :506-508
Ahmad Saad Eldeen, Hossam Hassan, Atef Ghonem
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13. Prediction of User Behavior in Educational Web Sites by Applying Web Mining
Pages :509-512
J.Umarani,G.Thangaraju, J.Anitha
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14. A Survey on Different CBIR Techniques
Pages :513-516
Abhay Singh
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15. Comparative Study between Leach,Leah-EGenetic Algorithm and Elliptic Curve Cryptography Techniques to Secure Against Sybil Attack In WSN
Pages :517-534
Omar Badeea Baban
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