VOLUME 8 ISSUE 2 March - April 2017

ISSN 0975 - 9646

1. Object Detection Using Background Subtraction Tolerating Sudden Background Variations
Pages :146-148
Aruna A S, Deepthi K
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2. An Empirical Study of Geographic Popularity Patterns of Motion Picture Content across Europe
Using Unsupervised Machine Learning

Pages :149-152
Pawan Dwivedi, Pentyala Srinivasa Rao
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3. An Efficient Dynamic Data Replication for HDFS using Erasure Coding
Pages :153-158
Franklin John, Suji Gopinath, Elizabeth Sherly
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4. Threshold Based Enhanced Segmentation Technique for Early Detection and Prediction of Lung Cancer
Pages :159-162
Sneha Kumari
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5. Comparison Study of Algorithms Used for Feature Extraction in Facial Recognition
Pages :163-166
Shreyas N Raj, Prof.Vijayalakshmi Niar
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Pages :167-169
Sree Lekshmi A N, Lekshmi Priya A N
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7. An IOT Based Appliances Control for Smart Homes
Pages :170-174
Padilla Syamala, Ch. Lalitha
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8. Hybrid Technique for Medical Image Segmentation to detect Brain Tumour
Pages :175-177
S.U.Ravi Kumar Chavali, Dr.I.H.Nagaraja Rao
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9. Joint Activities of Market Basket Analysis and Product Facing for Business Intelligence oriented
on Global Distribution Market: examples of data mining applications

Pages :178-183
Alessandro Massaro, Angelo Galiano, Donato Barbuzzi, Leonardo Pellicani, Giuseppe Birardi, Davide
Donato Romagno, Luisa Frulli
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10. Parameter Optimization using Genetic Algorithm for Classification of Multispectral Satellite Images
Pages :184-186
Mamta N. Marbate, Dr. M. M. Raghuwanshi
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11. A Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Solving Optimization Problem
Pages :187-189
Pintu Pal
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12. The Security SEAL : A Security Solution for SMART CITIES
Pages :190-193
Sri Harsha
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13. Automatic Text Summarization with Cohesion Features
Pages :194-198
Nilesh R. Patil, Girish Kumar Patnaik
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14. Distributed Intrusion Detection System Using Clustering approach And Genetic Algorithm
Pages :199-207
Snehil Dahima, Dr. Jitendra Sheetlani
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15. A Survey on Computing, Communication& Identification Technologies Used For Internet of Things
Pages :208-211
Prof. Apurva B. Parandeka, Prof. Ambarish R. Bhuyar
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16. Clustering with Mobile Sink in WSN
Pages :212-216
Inderjeet Singh, Pooja, Varsha
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17. E-Learning: A Tool for Enhancing Teaching and Learning in Educational Institutes
Pages :217-221
Abubakar Mohammed, Sanjeev Kumar, Bashir Maina Saleh, Aishatu Shuaibu
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18. Protection of Data during Data Migration
Pages :222-223
Nitin P.S.S., Prof. Sudha. T, P.S.Maheswari
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19. Review on Benefits and Security Challenges of Cloud Computing
Pages :224-228
Nasarul Islam.K.V
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20. A Semantic-Based Friend Recommendation System Based On Lifestyle Matching
Pages :229-231
Prof. Vijayalaxmi Kanade , Pratibha Uphade, Priti Thite, Omkar Bandal, Neeraj Datar
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21. A Parallel Incremental Mining Algorithm using Modified Inverted Matrix
Pages :232-236
Siddharth Shah, Aniruddha K, Prerak Thakkar, Chinmay Joshi, Gopi Bhatt
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22. Honeypot Based Intrusion Detection System with Snooping agents and Hash Tags
Pages :237-242
Vishal Joshi and Parveen Kakkar
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23. Optimized Load Balancing using Linear Programming
Pages :243-246
Prof.B.C. Julme, Spruha Shevade, Pranita Shinde, Shweta Lokhande, Sneha Suryawanshi
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24. Enhanced Public Auditing for Code-Based Multiserver Cloud
Pages :247-251
Chitra V Bawankule, Megha C Sadawarti, Shradha D Agnihotri
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25. Web 2.0 Technology Enhancements to Support E-governance Implementation
Pages :252-255
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26. Modern Machine Learning Approaches For Robotic Path Planning- Analytic research and comparison
Pages :256-259
Shreyas J, Sandeep J
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27. Task management of Robot using Priority Job Scheduling
Pages :260-265
Amitava Kar, Ajoy Kumar Dutta and Subir Kumar Debnath
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28. Effective On-Page Optimization for Better Ranking
Pages :266-270
Dr. N. Yuvaraj, S. Gowdham, V.M. Dinesh Kumar and S. Mohammed Aslam Batcha
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29. Security Analysis of Tunnel Field-Effect Transistor for Low Power Hardware
Pages :271-275
Shayan Taheri and Jiann-Shiun Yuan
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30. An Improved Annotation based Summary Generation for Unstructured Data
Pages :276-284
Teena Bhawsar, Devendra singh Kaushal
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31. Comparative Analysis Using Hive and Pig on Consumers Data
Pages :285-291
Pooja Jain, Prof. Jay Prakash Maurya
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32. UBlood: Utilize every cell of Blood- A Proposed Mobile based Application Framework
Pages :292-294
Simmi Chawla, Tarun Dalal
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33. Updating of Inter-quartile range Virtual Machine Allocation policy in cloud computing
Pages :295-297
Anurudh Kumar Upadhyay, Prof. Kailash Patidar
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34. Denial of Service Attack Detection and Secure Data Transmission Using Trusted Path in MANET
Pages :298-301
Shilpa Agnihotri, Prof. Amit Saxena
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35. Smart Home System using Raspberry Pi
Pages :302-305
Danesh Marolia, Abhishek Khadse, Akshay Lemos, Godson Lemos
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36. A Comparative Analysis of Security Algorithms Using Cryptographic Techniques in Cloud Computing
Pages :306-310
R.Gowthami Saranya, A.Kousalya
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37. A study on Defacing Ransomware: Are we aware and ready?
Pages :311-317
Naman Gupta, Vidyavati Ramteke
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