VOLUME 7 ISSUE 5 September - October 2016

ISSN 0975 - 9646

1. Java Implementation of Sanil’s Matrix Transpose Algorithm
Pages :2145-2146
Mohammed Shameer MC, Sanil Shanker KP
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2. Routing Issues & Performance Of Different Opportunistic Routing Protocols In Delay Tolerant Network
Pages :2147-2151
Ankur Upadhyay, Abhishek Kumar Mishra
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3. Improved Image Compression by Set Partitioning Block Coding by Modifying SPIHT
Pages :2152-2157
Somya Tripathi, Anamika Ahirwar
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4. Dual Encryption by Random Segmentation and Random Re-Arrangement (RSRA) using Two Dimensional Array
Pages :2158-2162
Amit Kumar, Dr. Jayant Shekhar
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5. Face Recognition Using Unsupervised Learning Technique
Pages :2163-2166
Abhjeet Sekhon and Dr. Pankaj Agarwal
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6. DATA ANALYSIS and BUSINESS MODELLING in Microsoft Excel using Analysis ToolPak
Pages :2167-2174
Abhishek Kanal, Aishwarya Raman
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7. Agent based Dynamic Analytical Hierarchy Routing Protocol for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
Pages :2175-2182
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8. Efficient and Expressive Keyword Search over Encrypted Medical Data in Hybrid Cloud
Pages :2183-2186
Seetha.J, T.Chakravarthy
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9. Efficient Clustering of Text Document Using spherical K-means algorithm
Pages :2187-2190
A. Ramana Lakshmi, V.Balakrishna
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10. Survey on Different Plagiarism Detection Tools and Software’s
Pages :2191-2193
Amruta Patil, Nikhil Bomanwar
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11. Prioritizing Packets and Reducing Congestion using Filtering and Rate-Limiting Mechanisms along with Security
Pages :2194-2197
Reddy.Nagarjuna, V.V.Gopala Rao
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12. Result on Storage and Security Management on Private Cloud
Pages :2198-2200
Shraddha S. Sadavarte
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13. An Efficient EM-algorithm for Big data in Wireless Sensor Network using Mobile Sink
Pages :2201-2205
Kunal G. S, Manasa
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14. Applications of Convolutional Neural Networks
Pages :2206-2215
Ashwin Bhandare, Maithili Bhide, Pranav Gokhale, Rohan Chandavarkar
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15. mHealth: Meaning, Purpose and Outcomes
Pages :2216-2221
Pooja Singh, Megha Panjwani
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16. A Novel Approach on Key Recovery Attacks on Kids, A Keyed Anomaly Detection System
Pages :2222-2224
Dr.V.Goutham, G.Shiva Krishna, B.Sai Sudha
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17. A Distributed Three-hop Routing Protocol to Increase throughput and makes full use of widespread base station in Hybrid Wireless Networks
Pages :2225-2230
Dr.V.Goutham, Mrs.P.Jyothi, K.Tejasvi
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18. Intelligent Question Answering System
Pages :2231-2234
Vinay Chandragiri
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19. Performance Evaluation of Gene based Ontology Using Attribute Selection Methods
Pages :2235-2239
Ch. Uma Shankari, T. Sudha Rani
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20. Web Development and Cryptography
Pages :2240-2244
Prof.Pranit Gaikwad, BhavyaGoradia, Prashanti Bhatt
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21. A Novel Teiler Public Key Cryptosystem for Securing Data in Transmit and Storage
Pages :2245-2249
V.Keerthi, Dr. T. Anuradha
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22. An Robust Approach for Secure Sharing Using Cloud Computing
Pages :2250-2255
Niti Jain, Prof. Rahul Anjana
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23. An Efficient Framework for Image Analysis using Mapreduce
Pages :2256-2260
S Vidya Sagar Appaji, P.V.Lakshmi and P.Srinivasa Rao
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24. A Computer-based Tool for Analyzing Information Flow in Pipelines
Pages :2261-2264
Ramander Singh, Vinod Kumar, Ajay Kumar
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25. Design and Development of Efficient Drug Reposition Scheme with Probabilistic Kernel based Text Mining Classification Model
Pages :2265-2269
P. Jyotsna, Dr. P. Govindarajulu
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26. Review and Analysis of Straggler Handling Techniques
Pages :2270-2276
Ashwin Bhandare, Jitin George, Supreet Deshpande, Yash Karle
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27. Reorganization of Duplicate Data Cleaning and Cluster Generation for Documents
Pages :2277-2280
Ajay Kumar, Davesh Singh Som, Ramander Singh
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28. Business Applications of Information Technology in Dairy Industry
Pages :2281-2286
R. S. Walse
Abstract | PDFPDF
29. Java implementation of low pass Butterworth filter for biomedical applications
Pages :2287-2289
Subin E.K, Renuka. S, Krishna Chaitanya
Abstract | PDFPDF
30. Cloud computing-Future of IT
Pages :2290-2292
Deepika Khithani, Akshata Mohite
Abstract | PDFPDF
31. Attribute-Assisted with Query-Specific Semantic Signatures
Pages :2293-2296
Pooja Vasant Lad, Prof. Priti Subramanium
Abstract | PDFPDF
32. Automatic Text Categorization of Marathi Language Documents
Pages :2297-2301
Aishwarya Sahani, Kaustubh Sarang, Sushmita Umredkar, and Mihir Patil
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33. Clutter Reduction in Parallel Coordinates Visualization Using Axes Re-Ordering Based On Minimal Edge Crossing
Pages :2302-2306
Hemant Makwana, Dr. Sanjay Tanwani, Dr. Suresh Jain
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34. A Survey on Existing Barcodes and Barcode Generation Techniques
Pages :2307-2310
Pooja Shejwal, Amita Wankhede, Vivek Shimpi, Ajit Wale , Prof.A.D.Sawant
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35. A New approach for Data Allocation in Overlay Networks in Secure and Efficient Manner
Pages :2311-2314
B.Prakash, P.Mansa Devi
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36. Perceptual Image Segmentation Using Local Binary Pattern Algorithm for Analysis of Psoriasis Skin

Pages :2315-2319
Dr.Suvarna Nandyal, Poorvika M. Harsoor
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37. Energy Efficient-Long Life LEACH Variant Protocol for MANET Environment
Pages :2320-2325
Sugandh, Prof.Rakesh Panday
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38. Implementation of Repositories in TOSCA-Parser
Pages :2326-2328
T.L.Priyadarsini, Vemula Nandini, Tadepalli Srinivas, Sahdev Zala
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39. A Design for a BloomFilter Variant Based Cloud Database Validation System
Pages :2329-2331
Arun Swaminathan, Udit Mehta, Puneet Kohli, Mihil Ramaiya
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40. Enhancing the Query Performance of NoSQL Datastores using Caching Framework
Pages :2332-2336
Ruchi Nanda, Swati V. Chande, K.S. Sharma
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41. Design and Development of Word Recognition for Marathi Language
Pages :2337-2340
Potale Shubham, Kharpude Pratik, Patil Rahul, Ajay Kumar Gupta
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42. Biometrics Hybrid System Based Verification
Pages :2341-2346
Mahesh Naidu K, Prof Govindarajulu P
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43. Time Complexity of Matrix Transpose Algorithm using Identity Matrix as Reference Matrix
Pages :2347-2348
Sanil Shanker KP, Mohammed Shameer MC
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44. AHP and MACHINE LEARNING TECHNIQUES for Wine Recommendation
Pages :2349-2352
Kunal Thakkar, Jay Shah, Raghav Prabhakar, Anant Narayan, Anurag Joshi
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45. Artificial Intelligence in Various Domains of Life – A Review
Pages :2353-2355
Aryan Singh
Abstract | PDFPDF
46. Intelligent Decision Support Systems - A Tool for Human Resource Allocation in Information Technology Projects
Pages :2356-2364
Krishnan Ramanathan, Dr. Anil Jadhav
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47. Speech Based Assessment of Depression
Pages :2365-2375
Amandeep kaur, Anita Suman
Abstract | PDFPDF
48. Prevention of Unauthorized Image Tempering and Secure Data Transmission using Integrated Stegowater Algorithm
Pages :2376-2380
Sana Ali, Yogendra Kumar Jain
Abstract | PDFPDF
49. MANET: Security and Challenges
Pages :2381-2384
Tripathi Lalit Kumar, Dr. Kanojia Sindhuben
Abstract | PDFPDF
50. Capturing Sensor Data Using Mobile Cloud Computing
Pages :2385-2389
Gouri Dubey, Prof. Ashok Verma
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