VOLUME 8 ISSUE 3 May - June 2017

ISSN 0975 - 9646

1. Quality of Service (QoS) in Cloud Computing
Pages :318-320
Hashem H. Ramadan, Dr. Divya Kashyap
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2. AIdentifying the Holes Using DHD Algorithm and also improving the System Performance by Using
Temporary Nodes

Pages :321-323
Mohanarupa.Alla, Leela priya.Inturu
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3. Solving Monte-Carlo Method by Using GPU and CPU.
Pages :324-326
Jameer Kotwal, Dr. Sachin D Babar
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4. Design and Implementation of FBEC Algorithm for Data Hiding In Video
Pages :327-329
Roshani Patidar, Kamlesh Patidar
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5. Encryption based Cloud Data Search Technique for Privacy Preserving
Pages :330-334
Sandhya Pradip Mohite, Dr. Sunita S. Barve
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6. Threshold Based Enhanced Segmentation Technique for Early Detection and Prediction of Lung Cancer
Pages :335-337
Sneha Kumari
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7. RFID Based Parking and Payment System Using Android
Pages :338-341
D.Kiranmayi, K.Nasaramma, M.Bangaru Lakshmi
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8. Design and Implementation of a Customized Compiler
Pages :342-346
Govind Prasad Arya, Neha Sohail, Pallavi Ranjan, Priya Kumari and Shabina Khatoon
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9. Email Security System
Pages :347-351
Saurabh Gavankar, Sanjay Vidhani
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10. Hidden Markov Model as a Tool for Analysis of Temporal Dynamic Record Deduplication
Pages :352-356
R. Parimala Devi and Dr. X. Agnes Kalarani
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11. Big Data Analytics for Accreditation in the Higher Education Sector
Pages :357-360
Ms.Deepa. A, Dr.E.Chandra Blessie
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12. Multilingual Automatic Speech Recognizer
Pages :361-363
Gitanjali pawar, Prof. N R Wankhade
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13. Security Models for Infrastructure as a Service Layer for Virtualization in Cloud
Pages :364-366
Sana Khan, Shumaila Khan, Zuber Farooqui
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14. Prediction and Comparative Analysis of Students Placements Using C4.5 &C5.0
Pages :367-368
K.Nasaramma, M.Bangaru Lakshmi, D.Kiranmayi
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15. Result Analysis of Enhanced SSO based Multi- Factor Authentication for Web Security
Pages :369-376
Shruti Bawaskar , Prof. Mahendra Verma
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16. Hybrid Technique for DDoS Attack Detection
Pages :377-379
Pooja Redekar, Madhumita Chatterjee
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17. A Symmetric-Key Latin Square Image Cipher with Probabilistic Encryption for Grayscale and Color

Pages :380-388
Tanvi Nema, Prof. Amit nandanwar
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18. Efficient Two-Phase Parallel Content Matching Algorithm for Publish-Subscribe Systems
Pages :389-393
Medha Shah, Suhas Doijad, Dinesh Kulkarni
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19. Secret Information Transmission within Color Image using Wavelet Transformation
Pages :394-400
Gourav Tiwari, Rameshwar Nath Pathak
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20. Optimistic Approach of High Speed Downlink Packet Access
Pages :401-406
Kamna Singh
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21. Business Intelligent Smart Sales Prediction Analysis for Pharmaceutical Distribution and Proposed Generic Model
Pages :407-412
Dr. Keerti Nilesh Mahajan, Ashwyn Kumar
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22. Enhancing Query Efficiency Using Pruning Techniques on Incomplete Data
Pages :413-416
Dr.D.Bujji Babu, G.Swapna
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23. Predicting Vulnerability Through Complexity Metric
Pages :417-420
Swarsha Kashyap, Kumar Rajnish
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24. Bitcoin in India
Pages :421-423
Akshaya Tamradaman, Sangeeta Nagpure
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25. A Modern Data Mining Method for Assessment of Teaching Assistant in Higher Educational Institutions
Pages :424-429
Surjeet Kumar
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26. On Novel summarization and Time line Generation for Evolutionary Tweet Streams
Pages :430-433
Revathi, P. Sujitha, V. Janardhan Babu
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27. Low Energy Consumption in WSN with Different Aggregation Energies using SEP
Pages :434-438
Puneet Gurbani, Hansa Acharya, Prof. Anurag Jain
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28. Analysis of Image Restoration Techniques at Different Noises
Pages :439-442
Deepa Puri, Prof. Santosh Kumar Mishra
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29. Generalized Tree Based Document Cluster Using Hybrid Similarity
Pages :443-446
Gaurav Dwivedi, Prof. Amit Kumar Nandanwar
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30. Result Evaluation of an Robust Approach for Secure Sharing Using Cloud Comput
Pages :447-454
Niti Jain, Prof. Rahul Anjana
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31. Live Vs Dead Computer Forensic Image Acquisition
Pages :455-457
Mahesh Kolhe, Purnima Ahirao
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32. Privacy Policy Inference of User-Uploaded Photos on Social Networking Sites
Pages :458-461
Ashwini P Nimbhore , Prof. Aarti P Nimbhore
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