VOLUME 7 ISSUE 3 May - June 2016

ISSN 0975 - 9646

1. Matrix Based Method for Terrain Generation
Pages :1018-1019
Sujay Raj, Prakhar Rastogi, Dr. Badam Singh Kushvah
Abstract | PDFPDF
2. Feature Extraction Technique: Ellipse Method
Pages :1020-1024
Md Saquib Seraj and Aneet Kumar Dutta
Abstract | PDFPDF
3. Secondary Construction of Non-normal Boolean Functions
Pages : 1025-1028
Deepmala Sharma, Rashmeet Kaur
Abstract | PDFPDF
4. Analysis of Network Security Issue and Its Attack and Defence
Pages : 1029-1031
Uday Kumar, Sushant Kumar Mishra,Anand Chhibba,Gagan Tyagi,Vipin Shukla
Abstract | PDFPDF
5. Speed Algorithm for Underwater Moving Objects Detection Based On Image Sequence
Pages :1032-1035
Omkaramurthy Ancha
Abstract | PDFPDF
6. Lightweight Platform for Internet of Things with support for CoAP Block-wise Transfer
Pages :1036-1040
Namrata Pawar, Madhuri Wakode
Abstract | PDFPDF
7. Towards Service Composition Based on Mixture of different things
Pages :1041-1047
Dr.I.Lakshmi, G.D. DhanaLakshmi
Abstract | PDFPDF
8. Emerging Technology on Mobile Phone Computing in 5G
Pages :1048-1052
Dr.I. Lakshmi, M. DhanaLakshmi
Abstract | PDFPDF
9. A Comparative Study on Various Scheduling Algorithms of Cloud Computing
Pages :1053-1057
Abstract | PDFPDF
10. Web Image Re-Ranking using Query-Specific Semantic Signatures
Pages :1058-1060
Shekhar Maity, Naveen Yerawar, Shivratan Pardeshi, Monalisa Singh
Abstract | PDFPDF
11. A Hybrid Method for Text Extraction from Mosaiced Image of Text Dominant Video
Pages :1061-1068
P Nagabhushan, Vimuktha Evangeleen Jathanna
Abstract | PDFPDF
12. A Study on Energy Efficient Communication Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network
Pages :1069-1072
Raman Choudhary, Sujeet Kumar
Abstract | PDFPDF
13. ECC based Fault Tolerant and Secured E-Payment Protocol
Pages :1073-1078
Aditya Bhattacharyya, Sanjit Kumar Setua
Abstract | PDFPDF
14. A Cognitive Model for the Forensic Recovery of End-User Passwords
Pages :1079-1081
R.Arun kumar, Dr.Kumar
Abstract | PDFPDF
15. A Review : Image Fusion Techniques and Applications
Pages :1082-1085
Mamta Sharma
Abstract | PDFPDF
16. 2.4 GHz Class F Power Amplifier for Healthcare Application
Pages :1086-1090
Abstract | PDFPDF
17. Page-Level Data Extraction Approach for Web Pages Using Data Mining Techniques
Pages :1091-1096
K. Syed Kousar Niasi, Dr. E. Kannan, M. Mohamed Suhail
Abstract | PDFPDF
18. A Spatial Spectral Filtration (SSF) Based Correlated Coefficients Thresholding Approach for Image Denoising.
Pages :1097-1101
Md Ateeq ur Rahman, Abdul Samad Khan
Abstract | PDFPDF
19. Classification of Thyroid Disease: A Survey
Pages :1102-1104
Prem Kumar, Amit Kumar Dewangan
Abstract | PDFPDF
20. Segmentation of Tumours from Brain Magnetic Resonance Images using Gain Ratio Based Fuzzy C-Means algorithm
Pages :1105-1110
Swetha Sridharan, J. Angel Arul Jothi, V. Mary Anita Rajam
Abstract | PDFPDF
21. Effective Method of Feature Selection on Features Possessing Group Structure
Pages :1111-1115
Nayana Murkute, Prof. Prashant Borkar
Abstract | PDFPDF
22. Efficient Methods and Implementation of Automatic Speech Recognition System
Pages :1116-1120
Himali Junghare, Prof. Prashant Borkar
Abstract | PDFPDF
23. Intervention Prediction and Progressive Learning Using Machine Learning Techniques
Pages :1121-1131
Dachapally Prudhvi Raj, Nallamilli Manikanta Reddy, Kandrekula Venkatesh, Sreereddy Bharath Reddy
Abstract | PDFPDF
24. Efficient Biometric Authentication Technique using Fingerprint
Pages :1132-1135
Vishal Vishwas Jadhav, Rahul Ratnakar Patil, Rohit Chandrashekar Jadhav,Adwait Niranjan Magikar
Abstract | PDFPDF
25. Results and Performance Analysis of File Sharing Between Peer-to-Peer Using Network Coding Algorithm
Pages :1136-1144
Rathod Vijay U, Prof. Mrs. V. R. Chirchi
Abstract | PDFPDF
26. Cloud Computing Security, Defense In Depth Detailed Survey
Pages :1145-1151
Ajitabh Mahalkari, Avni Tailor, Aniket Shukla
Abstract | PDFPDF
27. Inspection of Classical Techniques to Perform Inpainting
Pages :1152-1154
Preeti Gupta, Kuldip Pahwa
Abstract | PDFPDF
28. A Secured Location Estimation Technique in Mobile Devices
Pages :1155-1161
T.Prabhakara Rao, Kanugula Lalitha Kumari
Abstract | PDFPDF
29. Improving Vision in Fog using yellow light
Pages :1162-1164
Vivek Pandey, Ram Singar Verma
Abstract | PDFPDF
30. Analysis of IT adoption in Indian SMEs -Case Study of Rajasthan
Pages :1165-1168
Sunil Kr. Pandey, Pooja.S.Kushwaha
Abstract | PDFPDF
31. LSB based Steganography using Bit masking method on RGB planes
Pages :1169-1173
Shahin Shabnam, Prof K Hemachandran
Abstract | PDFPDF
32. Machine Learning Algorithms: A Review
Pages :1174-1179
Ayon Dey
Abstract | PDFPDF
33. Object Oriented Metrics: Revisited
Pages :1180-1183
Aman Jatain, Jyoti Kataria
Abstract | PDFPDF
34. Data Warehouse
Pages :1184-1185
Pushpinder Kaur
Abstract | PDFPDF
35. Extraction of Drug Reviews by Specific Aspects for Sentimental Analysis
Pages :1186-1189
Vrushali Moon, Prof. Prashant Borkar
Abstract | PDFPDF
36. Product Aspect Ranking based on IDR/EDR Opinion
Pages :1191-1194
Madhuri Shirsat, Nilesh Vani
Abstract | PDFPDF
37. Printed Text Assimilator for Visually Impaired: Implementation
Pages :1195-1198
Bharati Ainapure, Nitin Sankpal , Pranav Ranadive, Rohan Shiroor, Satish Vairagar
Abstract | PDFPDF
38. Adapting Egyptian Vulture Optimization Algorithm for Vehicle Routing Problem
Pages :1199-1204
Dilip Kumar, M. Nandhini
Abstract | PDFPDF
39. Architecture of Secure Cloud Data Center Storage
Pages :1205-1211
Kanwar Lal Dhakar, Prof. Savita Rathod
Abstract | PDFPDF
40. Next Generation Firewall- A Review
Pages :1212-1215
Manoj R Chakravarthi
Abstract | PDFPDF
41. Supervised Distance Based Detection of Outliers by Reverse Nearest Neighbors Method
Pages :1216-1219
Trupti Rinayat, Prof. Prashant Borkar
Abstract | PDFPDF
42. A Robust Approach for Detection of Brain Anomalies using MRI
Pages :1220-1224
Mayur Rahul
Abstract | PDFPDF
43. The QoS Assured Handoff Decision in Heterogeneous Content Distribution over Wireless Network
Pages :1225-1229
Ashwini S. Bonde, P.N. Borkar
Abstract | PDFPDF
44. Sensex Prediction Using Sentiment Analysis
Pages :1230-1231
Aarti Deshpande, Rucha Paturkar and Sonali Pimpale
Abstract | PDFPDF
45. An Enhanced Clustering Technique Using Rough Set Approach for Discovering Improved and Unambiguous Groups of Users
Pages :1232-1237
Parth Suthar, Prof. Bhavesh Oza
Abstract | PDFPDF
46. Identification of Network Protocol using Collapsed Variational Bayesian Inference Algorithm
Pages :1238-1241
Sadiya Sheikh, Lalit Dole
Abstract | PDFPDF
47. Literature Review : Scripting in Qt for Scripting Engine development
Pages :1242-1245
Mrunali Tandel, Prof. Uday Joshi, Amit Golhani
Abstract | PDFPDF
48. Adaptive Broadcasting in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks
Pages :1246-1250
Priyanka Chourse, Santosh K Mishra
Abstract | PDFPDF
49. Big data analytics for Diagnosis and Prognosis of Cancer using Genetic Algorithm
Pages :1251-1253
Venkat Reddy Korupally, Subba Rao Pinnamaneni
Abstract | PDFPDF
50. Web Recommender System using EM-NB Classifier
Pages :1254-1256
Haseena Begum, Dr.B.M Vidyavathi
Abstract | PDFPDF
51. To design an Architectural Model for On-Shore Oil Monitoring using Wireless Sensor Network

Pages :1257-1262
Rekha Gautam, Saurabh Shukla, Dr.G.N.Pandey
Abstract | PDFPDF
52. Edge Preserving Decomposition-Based Haze Removal in Video Sequence Using Koschmiedars Law
Pages :1263-1266
Namitha Shajan, Dr.D.Loganathan
Abstract | PDFPDF
53. Enhanced Holistic and Component Based Algorithm for Sketch to Photo Matching in Criminal Investigations
Pages :1267-1272
Chippy Thomas, Dr. D. Loganathan
Abstract | PDFPDF
54. A Survey on Wormhole Attack Detection in Wireless Network
Pages :1273-1276
Haritima Shrivastava, Sandeep Pratap Singh
Abstract | PDFPDF
55. ICTS: Global Tool for Banishing Poverty and Improving Opportunity
Pages :1277-1281
Tahiru Shittu, Dr. Oyedemi Jacob Folasayo
Abstract | PDFPDF
56. Accelerating MicroRNA Target Prediction Using Multithreading
Pages :1282-1290
Animesh Hazra, Subrata Kumar Mandal, Soumyabrata Bhattacharyya, Aritra Dutta, Subham Jain
Abstract | PDFPDF
57. An Enhancement of Number Plate Recognition based on Artificial Neural Network
Pages :1291-1295
Apurva Biswas, Dr.Bhupesh Gour
Abstract | PDFPDF
58. Reliability Analysis of Two-Unit Warm Standby System Subject to Hardware and Human Error

Pages :1296-1309
Pravindra Singh, Pankaj Kumar & Anil Kumar
Abstract | PDFPDF
59. Optimal Web Service Selection According to Response Time
Pages :1310-1313
U. B. Bagal, R. N. Pawar, R. S. Jamgekar
Abstract | PDFPDF
60. By Machine Learning Techniques to Estimate Wind Turbine Power Generation
Pages :1314-1319
Swarna Jain, Anil Pimpalapure
Abstract | PDFPDF
61. Enhancement to Distortion-Resistant Routing Framework for Video Traffic in Wireless Multihop Networks
Pages :1320-1327
Sadia Suroor, Manoj Challa, Zafar Ahmed Syed
Abstract | PDFPDF
62. Review on Mining Association Rule from Semantic Data
Pages :1328-1331
Kalyani A.Kale, R.P.Sonar
Abstract | PDFPDF
63. Machine to Machine (M2M) Open Data System for Business Intelligence in Products Massive Distribution oriented on Big Data
Pages :1332-1336
Angelo Galiano, Alessandro Massaro, Donato Barbuzz#, Leonardo Pellicani, Giuseppe Birardi,
Bachir Boussahel, Francesca De Carlo, Veronica Calati, Giovanni Lofano, Laura Maffei,
Marilena Solazzo, Vito Custodero, Gaetano Frulli, Egidio Frulli, Francesca Mancini, Leonardo
D’Alessandro, Francesco Crudele
Abstract | PDFPDF
64. A Step toward Decision making in Diagnostic Applications using Single Agent Learning Algorithms
Pages :1337-1342
Deepak A. Vidhate, Dr. Parag Kulkarni
Abstract | PDFPDF
65. Comprehensive Performance Study of Existing Techniques in Hand Gesture Recognition System for Sign Languages
Pages :1343-1347
Jayshree. R. Pansare, Maya Ingle
Abstract | PDFPDF
66. Confident Software Development Process Model
Pages :1348-1352
S.Thulasi Krishna, Dr. S .Sreekanth
Abstract | PDFPDF
67. Li-Fi: The Future Wireless Communication Technology
Pages :1353-1354
Ashoka S. B.
Abstract | PDFPDF
68. Interface Development for Eucalyptus Based Cloud
Pages :1355-1357
Sandeep Kumar Verma, Mala chaturvedi
Abstract | PDFPDF
69. Collaborative Black hole attack on MANET
Pages :1358-1361
Sushama Singh, Atish mishra, Dinesh Bhuriya, Upendra Singh
Abstract | PDFPDF
70. Multi-Objective Sentiment Analysis Using Evolutionary Algorithm for Mining Positive & Negative Association Rules
Pages :1362-1368
Swati V. Gupta, Madhuri S. Joshi
Abstract | PDFPDF
71. Designs of Parallel Glowworm Swarm Optimization Tool Using Map Reduce
Pages :1369-1371
Dr.R.N.Kulkarni, Aishwarya H.M, ArunKumar, Deeksha Patil, Diksha Jain .P
Abstract | PDFPDF
72. A New Method for Improving Contrast Enhancement in Remote Sensing Images by Image Fusion
Pages :1372-1377
Shraddha Gupta, Sanjay Sharma
Abstract | PDFPDF
73. Impact of Flooding Attack on MANET: A Survey
Pages :1378-1381
Sheetal Jatthap, Priya Saxena
Abstract | PDFPDF
74. Performance Study of Noise Removal Techniques for Recognition of Modi Consonants
Pages :1382-1388
Deepti Dubey, Bhumika Solanki, Maya Ingle
Abstract | PDFPDF
75. BOTNET Detection Approach by DNS Behavior and Clustering Analysis
Pages :1389-1393
Vartika Srivastava, Ashish Sharma
Abstract | PDFPDF
76. Ranking Vulnerability for Web Application based on Severity Ratings Analysis
Pages :1394-1399
Nitish Kumar, Kumar Rajnish, Anil Kumar
Abstract | PDFPDF
77. A Simplified Data Processing in MapReduce
Pages :1400-1402
P. Buddha Reddy, CH Sravan Kumar, K. Srinivas
Abstract | PDFPDF
78. Retrieving the Missing Information from Information Systems Using Rough Set, Covering Based Rough Set and Soft Set
Pages :1403-1407
B.S.Panda, S.S.Gantayat, Ashok Misra
Abstract | PDFPDF
79. Enhanced Big Data Quality Frame Work
Pages :1408-1409
G.Mallikajruna Reddy, Ganesh Deshmukh, R.Arun kumar, N.Anil Babu
Abstract | PDFPDF
80. A Survey Paper on different Clustering techniques for Collaborative Filtering for services recommendation
Pages :1410-1413
Reshma M Batule, Prof.Dr.Mrs.S.A.Itkar
Abstract | PDFPDF
81. Impact of Latency on the Economics of Cloud Computing
Pages :1414-1416
Shashank Sharma, Puneet Sharma
Abstract | PDFPDF
82. Cloud Data Outsourcing and off sourcing using trust computation
Pages :1417-1424
Priyanka Motwani, Priya Saxena
Abstract | PDFPDF
83. Chandhassu Recognizer for Telugu Poems
Pages :1425-1434
I. Reddy Sekhar Reddy, M.Humera Khanam
Abstract | PDFPDF
84. Survey On: Web Usage Mining Techniques Generating Frequent Patterns for Web-Page Recommendation.
Pages :1435-1437
Gauri A Sonawane, Prof.Dr.Mrs.S.A.Itkar
Abstract | PDFPDF
85. CALL ANTIQUITY – An Easy Way to Store Permanent Call History
Pages :1438-1439
Anjusha Pimpalshende, Mounisha K
Abstract | PDFPDF
86. A Novel Approach to Design Optimized Deterministic Finite Automata to Accept the Palindrome using Three Input Characters
Pages :1440-1443
Abhishek Bhardwaj, Achint Chaudhary, Shankar Z. Thawkar, Jhalak, Vijay S. Katta
Abstract | PDFPDF
87. Vehicle Monitoring System Using RFID
Pages :1444-1447
Durugu Kiranmayi
Abstract | PDFPDF
88. Design and Comparative Analysis of Various Adders through Pipelining Techniques
Pages :1448-1456
Aakansha, Ravi Payal
Abstract | PDFPDF
89. Gray-hole Attack in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks : A Survey
Pages :1457-1460
Rupali Sharma
Abstract | PDFPDF
90. Operating System on Microcontroller in Context of Emulator
Pages :1461-1465
Sneha.M.L, Dr. Rohini Nagapadma
Abstract | PDFPDF
91. Image Steganography By Using Reversible Texture Synthesis
Pages :1466-1470
Aarthi.K, Gokul.S
Abstract | PDFPDF
92. Analysis and Evaluation of “Reducing the Attack Surfaces” to improve the security of the Software at Design Level
Pages :1471-1475
Mubashirah Majeed, S.M.K Quadri
Abstract | PDFPDF
93. An Approach for Preventing Resource Consumption Attacks: Vampire
Pages :1476-1482
Manish Soni, Priya Saxena
Abstract | PDFPDF
94. Basic Principles of Animation Techniques used to Demonstrate DBF Mathematical Model Flow through a Rectangular Porous Channel
Pages :1483-1485
Ashoka S. B, Sowmya S. B
Abstract | PDFPDF
95. A Review on Comparison on Network on Chip(NOC) Using Simulation Tool NS2
Pages :1486-1489
Kusum Kardam, Akanksha Singh
Abstract | PDFPDF
96. Weather Prediction Using Normal Equation Method and Linear regression Techniques
Pages :1490-1493
Sanyam Gupta, Indumathy K, Govind Singhal
Abstract | PDFPDF
97. Secure Data Acquisition System
Pages :1494-1496
Ajay, Ajey B S, B C Steaven, Naveen Deshpande, Anitha C
Abstract | PDFPDF
98. Energy Efficient Homogeneous WSN protocols : An Analysis
Pages :1497-1501
Shipra Singla, Karamjot Kaur
Abstract | PDFPDF
99. Thickness Computation Under In-Vivo Trabecular Bone CT Imaging
Pages :1502-1506
Gokul. S, Aarthi.K
Abstract | PDFPDF
100. Image Fusion using NSCT Theory and Wavelet Transform for Medical Diagnosis
Pages :1507-1510
Anju P J, Dr.D.Loganathan
Abstract | PDFPDF
101. A Literature Survey on Secure Data Sharing in Cloud Storage with Key Aggregate Cryptosystem
Pages :1511-1513
Prof. B. M. Kore, Archana Jadhav, Prof. V. V. Pottigar
Abstract | PDFPDF
102. Re-Ranking of Web Image Search Using Relevance Preserving Ranking Techniques
Pages :1514-1518
Delvia Mary Vadakkan, Dr.D.Loganathan
Abstract | PDFPDF
103. Video Denoising Algorithm: A Review
Pages :1519-1523
Preeti Shukla, Jageshwar Srivas
Abstract | PDFPDF
104. Computational Thinking: The Skill Set of the 21st Century
Pages :1524-1530
Mahsa Mohaghegh, Michael McCauley
Abstract | PDFPDF
105. Design of effective algorithm for Removal of Ocular Artifact from Multichannel EEG Signal Using ICA and Wavelet Method
Pages :1531-1535
Snehal Ashok Gaikwad, K.P.Paradeshi
Abstract | PDFPDF
106. Algorithm to Determine the Safest Route
Pages :1536-1540
Sarang Tarlekar, Asmita Bhat, Suhas Pandhe, Tejaswini Halarnkar
Abstract | PDFPDF
107. Development of an Efficient Classifier for Classification of Liver Patient with Feature Selection
Pages :1541-1544
Harsha Pakhale, Deepak Kumar Xaxa
Abstract | PDFPDF
108. An Enhanced NVSS Scheme for Visual Secret Sharing
Pages :1545-1548
Chinju V.C., Dr.D.Loganathan
Abstract | PDFPDF
109. Progressive of Duplicate Detection Using Adaptive Window Technique
Pages :1549-1551
Shanila Thampi, Dr.D.Loganathan
Abstract | PDFPDF
110. Deep Learning using Restricted Boltzmann Machines
Pages :1552-1556
Neelam Agarwalla, Debashis Panda, Prof. Mahendra Kumar Modi
Abstract | PDFPDF
111. A Survey on Different Keyword-based Search techniques over Encrypted Data
Pages :1557-1559
Shraddha Ingale, Prof. Dr. B. D. Phulpagar
Abstract | PDFPDF
112. Implementation and Performance evaluation of Better Accuracy And Risk Handling In Cost Estimation Using Assessment Values
Pages :1560-1566
Renu Goswami, Ajay Kumar Sharma
Abstract | PDFPDF
113. Internet of Things
Pages :1567-1570
Sivangula Manogna, Harith Reddy Dakannagari
Abstract | PDFPDF
114. Local Tri-directional Weber Patterns: A New Descriptor for Texture and Face Image Retrieval
Pages :1571-1577
Venkata Satya Kumar Gangavarapu, Gopala Krishna Mohan Pillutla
Abstract | PDFPDF
115. Text Categorization on Multiple Languages Based On Classification Technique
Pages :1582-1585
Kapila Rani, Satvika
Abstract | PDFPDF
116. Intruder Detection in Smart Cities using Mh-PCA (Face recognition System)
Pages :1578-1581
Abstract | PDFPDF
117. Verification of Deadlock Recovery in NOC using Encoding Scheme
Pages :1586-1588
Prateek kumar T R, Shashidhara H. R., S.L. Gangadharaiah
Abstract | PDFPDF
118. Assuring Data Integrity through a Novel Message Authentication Code with Iterative SHA-1 and Secret Key Randomizer
Pages :1589-1594
Megha Sunhare, Prof. Mahendra K. Verma
Abstract | PDFPDF
119. Security Awareness of Mobile Application for Discovering Fraud Rank
Pages :1595-1599
S.K.Ram Kumar, Dr. N. Lakshmi Narasimman
Abstract | PDFPDF
120. Reducing False Positive in Intrusion Detection System: A Survey
Pages :1600-1603
Neha Gupta, Komal Srivastava, Ashish Sharma
Abstract | PDFPDF
121. A Survey on Network Anti Forensic Tools and Techniques
Pages :1604-1606
Komal Srivastava, Neha Gupta, Shivam Agarwal
Abstract | PDFPDF
122. Mining Rare Item Sets Using both Top Down and Bottom up Approach
Pages :1607-1614
Arnab Kumar Das
Abstract | PDFPDF
123. 3-Level DWT Based Digital Image Watermarking
Pages :1615-1619
Deepika Sardana, Ajit Singh
Abstract | PDFPDF
124. A Comparative Study of Hadoop Family Tools
Pages :1620-1623
Prachi Pandey, Dr. Sanjay Silakari, Uday Chourasia
Abstract | PDFPDF
125. Efficient Hybrid Ranking Algorithm for Search Engine
Pages :1624-1629
Nirali Arora, Sharvari Govilkar
Abstract | PDFPDF
126. Two-factor Cheating Prevention in Visual Cryptography using hybrid codebook
Pages :1630-1634
Sayali Gapate, Prof. Jyoti Rao
Abstract | PDFPDF
127. Mitigation of Gray-Hole Attack in MANET
Pages :1635-1637
Rupali Sharma
Abstract | PDFPDF
128. Security Improvement of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks using Clustering Approach
Pages :1638-1642
Upendra singh, Makrand Samvatsar, Neeraj Arya
Abstract | PDFPDF
129. A Study of Facial Expression Reorganization and Local Binary Patterns
Pages :1643-1647
Poonam Verma, Deepshikha Rathore
Abstract | PDFPDF
130. Security Issues on Cryptography and Network Security
Pages :1648-1654
Poornachander V
Abstract | PDFPDF
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