VOLUME 5 ISSUE 1 January - February 2014

ISSN 0975 - 9646

1. An Extensive Survey on QoS in Cloud computing
Pages : 1-5
N.Ani Brown Mary, K.Jayapriya
Abstract | PDFPDF
2. Segment Generation Approach for Firewall Policy Anomaly Resolution
Pages : 6-11
Dr.S.Madhavi, G.Raghu
Abstract | PDFPDF
3. Design and Analysis of Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) for Cloud Computing
Pages : 12-15
Ashok Jammi, Meena.S, D V Arjun
Abstract | PDFPDF
4. Lifetime Improvement of Wireless Sensor Network Based on Sleeping Algorithm
Pages : 16-19
Ranjeet Kagade , Prof.R.A.Satao
Abstract | PDFPDF
5. A Novel Approach to Discover User Search Goals Using Clickthrough Data
Pages : 20-24
Charudatt Mane, Pallavi Kulkarni
Abstract | PDFPDF
6. Review of Threats in Wireless Sensor Networks
Pages : 25-31
Monika roopak,Tushank bhardwaj, Sumit soni, Gunjan batra
Abstract | PDFPDF
7. Applying Genetic Algorithm in Text to Matrix Generator
Pages : 32-34
Manish Sharma, Rahul Patel
Abstract | PDFPDF
8. Venom Detector: A Smart approach to detect Snake Venom
Pages : 35-37
Ajay Giri, Dhanamma Jagli, Nilesh Shelar Ajit Panada, Vishal Gawde
Abstract | PDFPDF
9. Enhancing Fairness in OBS Networks
Pages : 38-42
P.Shanmugapriya, M.DevaPriya
Abstract | PDFPDF
10. Identification and Analysis of Coupling Factors in Service Interface
Pages : 43-46
T. Karthikeyan, J. Geetha ,R.M.Karnan
Abstract | PDFPDF
11. Oulier Analysis Using Frequent Pattern Mining – A Review
Pages : 47-50
Yagnik Ankur N., Dr .Ajay Shanker Singh
Abstract | PDFPDF
12. SQL Injection Attack on Data and Prevention through Hashing
Pages : 51-54
Shanu Verma, Urvashi
Abstract | PDFPDF
13. Enhanced Grinder Framework with Scheduling and Improved Agents
Pages : 55-59
Shilpa Sharma, Meenakshi Sharma
Abstract | PDFPDF
14. WBAN: A Persuasive Area in Ubiquitous Health Care
Pages : 60-63
K. L. Kalyani, N. Rajeswari, K. Yasaswini
Abstract | PDFPDF
15. State-of-art in Storage Model using Encryption Technique for privacy preserving in Cloud Computing
Pages : 64-69
V.K.Saxena and Shashank Pushkar
Abstract | PDFPDF
16. Implementing Synchronous Counter using Data Mining Techniques
Pages : 70-74
Sangeetha S
Abstract | PDFPDF
17. Power Aware Hybrid Proxy Cache-Prefetch Model using Combined Energy Conservation Policies
Pages : 75-83
Sirshendu Sekhar Ghosh, Aruna Jain
Abstract | PDFPDF
18. Face Recognition using Eye Distance and PCA Approaches
Pages : 84-87
Ripal Patel , Nidhi Rathod , Ami Shah , Mayur Sevak
Abstract | PDFPDF
19. Study of Network Security along with Network Security Tools and Network Simulators
Pages : 88-92
Amanpreet Kaur , Monika Saluja
Abstract | PDFPDF
20. Survey of Pattern Recognition Approaches in Japanese Character Recognition
Pages : 93-99
Soumendu Das, Sreeparna Banerjee
Abstract | PDFPDF
21. Private Cloud Security using DLSC
Pages : 100-102
Jothimani S, Arul Sangeetha.S
Abstract | PDFPDF
22. A survey on Air Quality forecasting Techniques
Pages : 103-107
Niharika,Venkatadri M,Padma S.Rao
Abstract | PDFPDF
23. Review and Study of Real Time Video Collaboration Framework WEBRTC
Pages : 108-111
Hitendra Patil, Amar Buchade
Abstract | PDFPDF
24. New Mandelbrot and Julia Sets for Transcendental Function
Pages : 112-118
Suraj Singh Panwar, Pawan Kumar Mishra
Abstract | PDFPDF
25. Self Motivated Intrusion-Tolerant, Detecting and Healing Server
Pages : 119-122
Omprakash A. Jaisinghani, Dr. A. S. Alvi
Abstract | PDFPDF
26. Utilization of Random Key and Sobel Filter based Edge Detection for Secure Data Transmission
Pages : 123-125
Nithiyanantham Chandran, Arulkumar.S
Abstract | PDFPDF
27. DCACrypt-A Design of Privacy Preserving in Cloud Storage
Pages : 126-129
Anjul K. S. Rai, Dr. Samidha D. Sharma
Abstract | PDFPDF
28. A Systematic way for Image Segmentation based on Bacteria Foraging Optimization Technique
(Its implementation and analysis for image segmentation)

Pages : 130-133
Amrinder Singh, Sonika Jindal
Abstract | PDFPDF
29. A Review on Multipath Protocol for Video Transmission
Pages : 134-137
Mayuri Baldaniya , Neha Sisodiya
Abstract | PDFPDF
30. A Proposed Collaborative Approach for Pattern Matching and Replacement Policies for the design
of Peephole Optimizer

Pages : 138-141
Chirag H. Bhatt, Dr. Harshad B. Bhadka
Abstract | PDFPDF
31. Emegency Notification - Advanced PBX Feature using SIP protocol
Pages : 142-145
Sunil Shirsat, T. A. Chavan
Abstract | PDFPDF
32. A Review on User Session Identification through Web Server Log
Pages : 146-148
Priyanka Patel, Mitixa Parmar
Abstract | PDFPDF
33. Facial Expression Recognition: A Survey
Pages : 149-152
Nidhi N. Khatri, Zankhana H. Shah,Samip A. Patel
Abstract | PDFPDF
34. Send Rate Based Evaluation for Various MANET Routing Protocols in NS-2
Pages : 153-156
Nidhi Pouranik, Ajay Lala, Ashish Chaurasia
Abstract | PDFPDF
35. Line and Word Segmentation of a Printed Text Document
Pages : 157-160
Priyanka Karmakar, Biswajit Nayak, Nilamani Bhoi
Abstract | PDFPDF
36. Enhancement of Existing Tools and Techniques for Computer Forensic Investigation
Pages : 161-164
Gouthami Velakanti, Aditya Katuri
Abstract | PDFPDF
37. Improved New AODV (INAODV) Routing Protocol for Collision Free Wireless Sensor Body Area Network for Health Monitoring
Pages : 165-170
Shubhangi Sonone, Vivek KR. Sharma
Abstract | PDFPDF
38. Study of Automated Social Engineering bots
Pages : 171-173
Chintan Shah, Aruna Gawde
Abstract | PDFPDF
39. A Multi Level Zone Based Congestion Control Mechanism for Multicast Routing in MANETS
Pages : 174-180
A.Mallaiah, P.Imrankhan, Dr. G.N.Swamy
Abstract | PDFPDF
40. Implementation of Digital Filters for ECG analysis
Pages : 181-183
Aishwarya Acharya, Ruhi M. Lambe, Sweety Zodge, Jayshree Chaudhari
Abstract | PDFPDF
41. A Secured Public Key Cryptosystem for Biometric Encryption
Pages : 184-191
M.Gobi, D.Kannan
Abstract | PDFPDF
42. An Approach in Detection of Replication Node in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey
Pages : 192-196
Raju M, Selvan M
Abstract | PDFPDF
43. Geometric Approach for Induction of Oblique Decision Tree
Pages : 197-201
Sonal P Patil ,Sonal V Badhe
Abstract | PDFPDF
44. Interoperability between Clouds: an Exploratory Study on Virtual Organizations and Linked Data
Pages : 202-210
Liviu Gabriel Cretu
Abstract | PDFPDF
45. Online Signature Verification Using Energy, Angle and Directional Gradient Feature with Neural Network
Pages : 211-216
Priyank Jain , Jayesh Gangrade
Abstract | PDFPDF
46. Implementation of PKI in Government Business
Pages : 217-222
Shuchi Bhattacharya, Sumithra Devi K.A, Saurabh Bhattacharya
Abstract | PDFPDF
47. Advanced Data Mining Tools in Web Based ERP, ASP Environment
Pages : 223 - 226
Tiruveedula Gopi Krishna, Mohamed A.Abdelhadi, M.Madhusudana Subramanyam
Abstract | PDFPDF
48. Data Mining Techniques in Association Rule : A Review
Pages : 227 -229
Rahul B. Diwate , Amit Sahu
Abstract | PDFPDF
49. Implementing Mobile Multimedia Applications Using Cloud Computing
Pages : 230-232
Snehal P.Warhekar,.V.T.Gaikwad
Abstract | PDFPDF
50. A Study on Association Rules and Clustering Methods
Pages : 233-235
Vanishree K, Prakruthi S N, Pratiba D
Abstract | PDFPDF
51. Medical Image Analysis – A Review
Pages : 236-246
A.Sivaramakrishnan, Dr.M.Karnan, Dr.R.Sivakumar
Abstract | PDFPDF
52. A Peer Review of Feature Based Opinion Mining and Summarization
Pages : 247-250
Padmapani P. Tribhuvan, S.G. Bhirud , Amrapali P. Tribhuvan
Abstract | PDFPDF
53. Service-Oriented Architecture for Cloud Computing
Pages : 251-255
V.E.Unnamalai, J.R.Thresphine
Abstract | PDFPDF
54. NIDS Designed Using Two Stages Monitoring
Pages : 256-259
Rahul B. Adhao , Avinash R. Kshirsagar,Dr. Vinod K. Pachghare
Abstract | PDFPDF
55. Phishing - A Challenge in the Internet
Pages : 260-263
M.Usha, P.Deepika
Abstract | PDFPDF
56. Image Classification using SOM and SVM Feature Extraction
Pages : 264-271
Pragati Shrivastava, Piyush Singh, Gaurav Shrivastava
Abstract | PDFPDF
57. Image Compression Techniques- A Review
Pages : 272-275
Khobragade P. B., Thakare S. S.
Abstract | PDFPDF
58. Lossless Data Compression Algorithm – A Review
Pages : 276-278
Parekar P. M., Thakare S. S.
Abstract | PDFPDF
59. A Review on Face Recognition in various Illuminations
Pages : 279-283
Saurabh D. Parmar , Vaishali J. Kalariya
Abstract | PDFPDF
60. Design of Semi-Static SET Flip-Flop for Low Power and High Performance Applications
Pages : 284-289
Imran Ahmed Khan, Mirza Tariq Beg
Abstract | PDFPDF
61. Enhance the performance of weather parameters in Short-Term Weather forecasting using ANFIS
Pages : 290-296
Savita Goswami, Abhishek Kumar Gaur
Abstract | PDFPDF
62. Implementation on Eccentric Identified from Picture using Graph Methodology
Pages : 297-300
Pradnyesh J. Bhisikar, Amit sahu
Abstract | PDFPDF
63. A Novel K means Clustering Algorithm for Large Datasets Based on Divide and Conquer Technique
Pages : 301-305
Rajesh Ahirwar
Abstract | PDFPDF
64. A Review on Tree Based Incremental Classification
Pages : 306-309
Ponkiya Parita, Purnima Singh
Abstract | PDFPDF
65. Introduction to Modern Encryption Standard (MES)-II: An independent and efficient Cryptographic approach for Data Security
Pages : 310-313
Surajkumar J. Manowar , A. M. Sahu
Abstract | PDFPDF
66. A Review on Feature Extraction for Indian and American Sign Language
Pages : 314-318
Neelam K. Gilorkar, Manisha M. Ingle
Abstract | PDFPDF
67. LSB Approach for Video Steganography to Embed Images
Pages : 319-322
K. Steffy Jenifer , G. Yogaraj , K. Rajalakshmi
Abstract | PDFPDF
68. Comparing Ethernet & Soft RoCE over 1 Gigabit Ethernet
Pages : 323-327
Gurkirat Kaur, Manoj Kumar, Manju Bala
Abstract | PDFPDF
69. Tracking leukocytes in vivo
Pages : 328-337
Ahmed S. Mahdi , A M. Artoli and Hassan I. Mathkour
Abstract | PDFPDF
70. Contract First Design: The Best Approach to Design of Web Services
Pages : 338-339
T. Karthikeyan, J. Geetha
Abstract | PDFPDF
71. Privacy Preserving Association Rule Mining of Mixed Partitioned Model in Distributed Database

Pages : 340-349
Dr. N V Muthu Lakshmi, K. Sandhya Rani
Abstract | PDFPDF
72. Comparison of Digital Watermarking with Other Techniques of Data Hiding
Pages : 350-353
K.Sridhar, Dr. Syed Abdul Sattar, Dr. M Chandra Mohan
Abstract | PDFPDF
73. Design of ARM based Embedded Web Server for Agricultural Application
Pages : 354-356
Sushma M. Gawali, Snehal M. Gajbhiye
Abstract | PDFPDF
74. Providing Improved Response in Healthcare Domain by Using Knowledge Based HSOA
Pages : 357-360
T.Silambarasan, V. Udhaya kumar
Abstract | PDFPDF
75. Evaluation of Optimized PAPR and BER of OFDM signal by using Clipping and Filtering Technique
Pages : 361-365
Mousumi De, Biswajit Basak, Sudarshan Chakravorty
Abstract | PDFPDF
76. A Survey on Application of Bio-Inspired Algorithms
Pages : 366-370
Cholavendhan Selvaraj, Siva Kumar R, Karnan M
Abstract | PDFPDF
77. Secure Ticket- Based Anonymity and Traceability in Wireless Mesh Networks
Pages : 371-373
Priyanka Gill , Sethuraman
Abstract | PDFPDF
78. Detection and Prevention of SQL Injection attack
Pages : 374-377
Manish Kumar , L.Indu
Abstract | PDFPDF
79. Suitable Feature Extraction and Speech Recognition Technique for Isolated Tamil Spoken Words
Pages : 378-383
Vimala.C, Radha.V
Abstract | PDFPDF
80. Survey about Cloud Computing Threats
Pages : 384-389
Raju M, Lanitha B
Abstract | PDFPDF
81. A Review on Reducing Routing Overhead in Mobile Ad Hoc Network using Probabilistic Rebroadcast Mechanism
Pages : 390-393
Ambarish R. Bhuyar , Prof. V. T. Gaikwad
Abstract | PDFPDF
82. A Review on Implementation of UART using Different Techniques
Pages : 394-396
Ashwini D. Dhanadravye , Samrat S. Thorat
Abstract | PDFPDF
83. Enhancement Techniques and Methods for MRIA Review
Pages : 397-403
V.Velusamy, Dr.M.Karnan, Dr.R.Sivakumar, Dr.N.Nandhagopal
Abstract | PDFPDF
84. Centralized Modified Estimated Load Information Scheduling Algorithm with Reduced Communication delays
Pages : 404-409
Amit Kumar Sharma
Abstract | PDFPDF
85. Propagation Path-Loss Prediction Model for 4G Mobile Communication Systems
Pages : 410-413
Abstract | PDFPDF
86. A Symmetric Key Encryption Technique Using Genetic Algorithm
Pages : 410-413
Sindhuja K , Pramela Devi S
Abstract | PDFPDF
87. A Novel Third Party Auditability and Dynamic Based Security in Cloud Computing
Pages : 417-420
J.Vinitha Mary, R.Backiyalakshmi
Abstract | PDFPDF
88. A Review on Creation of Dynamic Virtual Honeypots Using Hadoop
Pages : 421-423
Sumaiyya Z. Khan, Prof. D.M.Dakhane , Prof. R.L.Pardhi
Abstract | PDFPDF
89. A Review on Identification of Aliases from Web
Pages : 424-426
Snehal R. Kamble, Prof. S.S.Dhande, Prof. H.R.Vyawahare
Abstract | PDFPDF
90. SCM: SCalable Middleware System for Heterogeneous Distributed Databases
Pages : 427-430
Darshana Shimpi, Prof. Mrs. Sangita Chaudhri
Abstract | PDFPDF
91. Maximize the Code Coverage for Test Suit by Genetic Algorithm
Pages : 431-435
Mohd Athar, Israr Ahmad
Abstract | PDFPDF
92. Review of Different IP Geolocation Methods and Concepts
Pages : 436-440
Jayaprabha Bendale , Prof. J. Ratanaraj Kumar
Abstract | PDFPDF
93. Effectual Data Collection in WSN with Path Controlled Mobile Sinks
Pages : 441-445
K.Venkatraman, P.Manjula, B.Sivakumar, D.Anandan, S.Venkatesan
Abstract | PDFPDF
94. Web Based Learning
Pages : 446-449
Javed Wasim, Sunil Kumar Sharma, Imshad Ahmad Khan,Dr. Jamshed Siddiqui
Abstract | PDFPDF
95. CIA Framework Designed for Confirming Culpability of Information in Cloud
Pages : 450-455
Karthika.RN, Vijay Anand.P
Abstract | PDFPDF
96. Spectrum Sharing Scheme using Cognitive Radio Networks Based on Channel Information
Pages : 456-458
K.Venkatraman , G.ShanmugaSundaram , S.Maheswari Mangai , N.Jothi Kumar, C.Raja
Abstract | PDFPDF
97. Mining Suggestions for Recommender Systems
Pages : 459-461
B.Nasreen, A. Safiya Parvin
Abstract | PDFPDF
98. An Efficient Group Key Transport Protocol
Pages : 462-465
Manisha Y. Joshi, R.S. Bichkar
Abstract | PDFPDF
99. Comparative Study of Abstraction in Cyber Physical System
Pages : 466-469
Pooja Sobhrajan, Swati Y Nikam
Abstract | PDFPDF
100. Study and Analysis of Data mining Algorithms for Healthcare Decision Support System
Pages : 470-477
Monali Dey, Siddharth Swarup Rautaray
Abstract | PDFPDF
101. Proving Possession and Retrievability within a Cloud Environment: A Comparative Survey
Pages : 478-485
Kochumol Abraham, Win Mathew John
Abstract | PDFPDF
102. Design and Analysis of User Identification for Graphical Password System
Pages : 486-489
Devika S, Backiyalakshmi R
Abstract | PDFPDF
103. Cloud Based Sales and CRM Application for Builders A Web Enabled and Android CRM Tool
Pages : 490-491
Shubhada Bhalerao , Bhagyashree Bhosale, Gayatri Bhangale, Komal Nigade, Pooja Nitturkar
Abstract | PDFPDF
104. Integration Testing in AOSE Methodologies
Pages : 492-497
Manikkanan. D, Prasanna Kumar.K, Vagheesan. K, Venkataramana. D
Abstract | PDFPDF
105. Analysis of the Building Stability Using MEMS in Wireless Sensor Networks
Pages : 498-501
Abstract | PDFPDF
106. To design an Architectural Model for Flood Monitoring using Wireless Sensor Network System
Pages : 502-507
Saurabh Shukla, Dr.G. N. Pandey
Abstract | PDFPDF
107. Review on Modeling and Implementation of Cloud Computing
Pages : 508-511
Mangesh K. Nichat, Dr. Prashant V. Ingole
Abstract | PDFPDF
108. Preservation of the Sample Data with Help of Unrealized Training Datasets and later classifying
it Using Modified C4.5 Algorithm

Pages : 512-515
Kanani Arjun
Abstract | PDFPDF
109. Road Safety Based Model By Broadcasting Communication in VANET’s
Pages : 516-520
J.Beautlin Shalini, A.Pravin
Abstract | PDFPDF
110. Segmentation Using HED And Analyze AMFE Feature Of Flame Suspected Area By Using Wavelet Transform
Pages : 521-524
K.Merlin Maria Asuntha, L.K. Joshila Grace
Abstract | PDFPDF
111. Enhancing the Geological Prognosis to Share Video for Online Social Networks
Pages : 525-527
Rupam , Chandu P.M.S.S
Abstract | PDFPDF
112. Review of Cloud Storage Security and Cloud Computing Challenges
Pages : 528-533
Pradnya B. Godhankar, Deepak Gupta
Abstract | PDFPDF
113. Neural Network based Dynamic Kinesics Recognition for Gaming Interface
Pages : 534-537
Prathmesh More, Abhijeet Thenge, Tushar Ghanti
Abstract | PDFPDF
114. Big Data: An Emerging Trend In Future
Pages : 538-541
Sampada Lovalekar
Abstract | PDFPDF
115. Evaluation of optimized PAPR of OFDM signal by using SLM technique
Pages : 542-546
Biswajit Basak, Mousumi De
Abstract | PDFPDF
116. Review of Web Recommendation System and Its Techniques: Future Road Map
Pages : 547-551
Vidya Waykule, Prof Shyam S. Gupta
Abstract | PDFPDF
117. Enhancing Data Integrity in Public Clouds
Pages : 552-557
Abstract | PDFPDF
118. Character Recognition Using Multilayer Perceptron
Pages : 558-661
Amrita Hirwani, Sandeep Gonnade
Abstract | PDFPDF
119. Employee Turnover Analysis with Application of Data Mining Methods
Pages : 562-566
K. Tamizharasi, Dr. UmaRani
Abstract | PDFPDF
120. RaajHans: A Data Mining Tool using Soft Computing Techniques
Pages : 567-574
Avinash R. Pinglae , Aparna A. Junnarkar
Abstract | PDFPDF
121. Affective Crowdsourcing Applied to Usability Testing
Pages : 575-579
Victor H. M. Gomide , Pedro A. Valle, José O. Ferreira, José R. G. Barbosa, Adson F. da Rocha and Talles M. G. de A. Barbosa
Abstract | PDFPDF
122. Empirical Validation of Webometrics based Ranking of World Universities
Pages : 580-584
R. K. Pandey
Abstract | PDFPDF
123. Impact of Pathway Overlap Mobility Models on MANET Routing Protocols Using OPNET Simulator
Pages : 585-589
Gurjot Singh Sidhu , Praveen Kakkar
Abstract | PDFPDF
124. Distribution Based Analysis of Range-Bound Feature Values for Decision Tree Generation
Pages : 590-593
Sudhakar R Lakkireddy, Sudheerbabu Pakanati , Rajani Devi. K
Abstract | PDFPDF
125. A Stout Approach for Increasing Efficiency and Multiband Fairness for Emergency Data in Vehicular Adhoc Networks
Pages : 594-599
K.A.Varunkumar, M.Prabakaran, Ajay Kaurav, S.Sibi Chakkaravarthy
Abstract | PDFPDF
126. Article Removed
Pages : xxx-xxx
Abstract | PDFPDF
127. Mobile Computing based on Cloud (CLOUDIZE)
Pages : 604-606
Monisha Singh, Prashant Agarwal
Abstract | PDFPDF
128. A Review on Brain Tumor Detection Using Segmentation And Threshold Operations
Pages : 607-611
Roopali R.Laddha, S.A.Ladhake
Abstract | PDFPDF
129. Information Refinding Technique for a Context Based Memory System
Pages : 612-613
Lingareddy Sravani, Chandu P.M.S.S
Abstract | PDFPDF
130. Route Redirection in Structured Network Using Chord
Pages : 614-616
A.Joyce, E.Nagarajan
Abstract | PDFPDF
131. Automatic User Specific Opinion Extraction from Online Reviews
Pages : 617 - 620
T.Sumallika, P.Pranathi,Sk.Ramzan Bibi,P.Aparna, D.Shanti Lakshmi ,R.GowtamKumar
Abstract | PDFPDF
132. Wormhole Attack Detection Protocol using Time Stamp with Security Packet
Pages : 621-626
Chandraprabha Rawat
Abstract | PDFPDF
133. Watermarking of Dataset Using Usability Constraints Model
Pages : 627-631
Joycee .A.A, Pio Sajin
Abstract | PDFPDF
134. Energy Efficient Protocal for WSNs Using Federal and Distributed Clustering Approach
Pages : 632-635
Gaurav Dubey, Mohit Khandelwal, Gaurav Sharma
Abstract | PDFPDF
135. Task Management for Heterogeneous Multi-core Scheduling
Pages : 636-639
Poonam Karande, S.S.Dhotre, Suhas Patil
Abstract | PDFPDF
136. Machine Learning Text Categorization in OSN to Filter Unwanted Messages
Pages : 640-643
J.Anishya Rose, A.Pravin
Abstract | PDFPDF
137. Secure Two Party High Dimensional Private Data Using Data Mash Up
Pages : 644-645
Indhu Sridhar, Perm Jacob
Abstract | PDFPDF
138. Android Based Safety Triggering Application
Pages : 646-647
P.Kalyanchakravarthy,T.Lakshmi,R.Rupavathi, S.Krishnadilip,P.Lakshmankumar
Abstract | PDFPDF
139. Activity Based Key Search Information Re-finder
Pages : 648-650
Yeswanth.L, Nimala.K
Abstract | PDFPDF
140. Comparative Analysis to Highlight Pros and Cons of Data Mining Techniques-Clustering, Neural
Network and Decision Tree

Pages : 651-656
Aarti Kaushal , Manshi Shukla
Abstract | PDFPDF
141. Graph Databases- An Overview
Pages : 657-660
ShefaliPatil , GauravVaswani , Anuradha Bhatia
Abstract | PDFPDF
142. Clustering of Biomedical Documents Using Semi supervised Clustering Method
Pages : 661-664
Dr. B Bharathi, Anjali Vijayan
Abstract | PDFPDF
143. Analysis of Security Techniques Applied in Database Outsourcing
Pages : 665-670
Ajeet Ram Pathak, B. Padmavathi
Abstract | PDFPDF
144. A New Perspective in Steganography Technique
Pages : 671-673
Chintan M. Mahant, Samip A. Patel, Makhduma F. Saiyad, Krunal N. Patel
Abstract | PDFPDF
145. Comparison of Firewall and Intrusion Detection System
Pages : 674-678
Archana D wankhade, Dr P.N.Chatur
Abstract | PDFPDF
146. Extraction of Query Interfaces for Domain- Specific Hidden Web Crawler
Pages : 679-681
Nupur Gupta, Shalini Kapoor
Abstract | PDFPDF
147. Software Productivity Empirical Model for Early Estimation of Development
Pages : 682-685
Mandeep Singh, Prof. Satwinder Singh
Abstract | PDFPDF
148. Reducing Time to Market of Software with Time Duration Empirical Model
Pages : 686-688
Jasmeet Kaur, Prof. Satwinder Singh
Abstract | PDFPDF
149. Performance Analysis of 64-Bit Carry Look Ahead Adder
Pages : 689-693
Daljit Kaur , Ana Monga
Abstract | PDFPDF
150. Skill Based Learning Environment: using Semantic Annotation with Mapping Method
Pages : 694-698
K. Priyanka, S.Sarika
Abstract | PDFPDF
151. Role of Sensor Virtualization in Wireless Sensor Networks
Pages :699-703
Monali G. Sonule, Swati Nikam
Abstract | PDFPDF
152. Electronic Payment in Grocery shop using passive RFID and cloud computing
Pages : 704-706
Shilpa Batwal(Abhang)
Abstract | PDFPDF
153. Offline Signature Verification using Euclidian Distance
Pages : 707-710
Ranjan Jana , Rituparna Saha , Debaleena Datta
Abstract | PDFPDF
154. Performance Evaluation of DSR, AOMDV and ZRP Routing Protocols in MANETS by using NS2
Pages : 711-714
A. Rama Rao, N.MuraliVishnu, K.V.Swathi, K.Hanisha, N.Anand
Abstract | PDFPDF
155. Identification and Diagnosis of Valvular Heart Diseases Using Time Frequency Analysis and Machine Learning Technique
Pages : 715-720
Prabhu Vignesh Kumar R, Senthil Kumar K
Abstract | PDFPDF
156. Improving the Efficiency of Cache Updating Process in Wireless Mobile Networks
Pages : 721-723
Jenilet J,.E.Nagarajan
Abstract | PDFPDF
157. Performance Analysis for Routing Protocols in MANETS by using NS2(Network Simulator)
Pages : 724-727
B.Nageswara Rao,B.N.S.Ramya Sri, K.Sumanjali, Ch.Sai,A.S.R.Raju
Abstract | PDFPDF
158. Image Based Fraud Prevention
Pages : 728-731
D. Madhu Babu, M. Bhagyasri, K. Lahari, CH. Madhuri, G. Pushpa Kumari
Abstract | PDFPDF
159. A Novel Approach to Preserve the Privacy of Data
Pages : 732-735
Gayathri T., A. Viji Amutha Mary
Abstract | PDFPDF
160. Mobile System’s Creditability Management in P2P Networks using Mamdani Fuzzy Inference Systems
Pages : 736-739
Sanjeev Shrivastava, Reena Thakur, D.S.Bhilare
Abstract | PDFPDF
161. A Framework to Refine Awful Tweets from e-Networks
Pages : 740-743
Ratna Kailashnadh Singamsetty, Sravya Tata, Vijay Varma Vatsavai, Indira Sattiraju, Joshua Botcha
Abstract | PDFPDF
162. Association Rule Mining with Security Based on Playfair Cipher Technique
Pages : 744-747
P. Jagannadha Varma, Amruthaseshadri,.M. Priyanka, M.Ajay Kumar, B.L.Bharadwaj Varma
Abstract | PDFPDF
163. Implementation of Blowfish Algorithm for Efficient Data Hiding in Audio
Pages : 748-750
Ravali.S.V.K , Neelima.P , Sruthi.P , Sai Dileep.P , Manasa.B
Abstract | PDFPDF
164. Image Scrambling Methods for Image Hiding: A Survey
Pages : 751-755
Reema Rhine #1, Nikhila T Bhuvan
Abstract | PDFPDF
165. Parallel Processing for Detection of Lunar Crater Morphometry-A Review
Pages : 756-759
M.Prabakaran, V.Sivakumar, S.Koteeswaran
Abstract | PDFPDF
166. Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Network Using Random Sensors by Implementing DES

Pages : 760-762
B.Joshua, G.Veena, K.Sandhya Rani, M.Anupama
Abstract | PDFPDF
167. Applications of Ontology and Semantic Web in Image Retrieval and Research Issues
Pages : 763-769
T.Kanimozhi , Dr.A.Christy
Abstract | PDFPDF
168. A Survey Paper on Performance of Routing Protocols in Wireless Ad-Hoc Network
Pages : 770-773
Raghuvaran E
Abstract | PDFPDF
169. Implementation on Document Clustering using Correlation Preserving Indexing
Pages : 774-777
B.Nageswara Rao, P.Keerthi, V.T. Sree Ramya, S.Santhosh Kumar, T.Monish
Abstract | PDFPDF
170. To Overcome The Selfish Problem in Wi-Fi using Incentive Mechanism
Pages : 778-783
A.Singston Chandar, P.Rajeshkumar, Dr. G.Murugabhoopathi
Abstract | PDFPDF
171. Facilitating Shielded and Adept Ranked Keyword Search over Outsourced Obscure Information
Pages : 784-788
Abstract | PDFPDF
172. Plagiarism Detection Considering Frequent Senses Using Graph Based Research Document Clustering
Pages : 789-791
P.Kalyan Chakravarthy, J.Bindu Kavya, K.Sireesha, D.Mounika, B.Sruthi
Abstract | PDFPDF
173. Wireless Ad hoc Sensor Network for Depletion of Node Battery Life for Denial of Service
Pages : 792-796
V.Senthilvel and S.K.Srivatsa
Abstract | PDFPDF
174. Design of Fault Detection Module for Embedded Ram Memory
Pages : 797-799
Mohanish P. Gadge , S.P.Karmore
Abstract | PDFPDF
175. Analysis of Exemplar Based Image Inpainting
Pages : 800-804
Ankur G. Patel, Shashwat kumar, Ankit D. Prajapati
Abstract | PDFPDF
176. Review and Comparative Study of Clustering Techniques
Pages : 805-812
Shraddha K.Popat, Emmanuel M.
Abstract | PDFPDF
177. Securing the Wireless Mesh Networks against Epidemic Attack
Pages : 813-817
P. Blessing Gilba, S. Siva Kumar
Abstract | PDFPDF
178. Automatic Detection of Font Size Straight from Run Length Compressed Text Documents
Pages : 818-825
Mohammed Javed, P. Nagabhushan, B.B. Chaudhuri
Abstract | PDFPDF
179. An Efficient Guarding by Detecting Intrusions in Multi-Tier Web Applications
Pages : 826-833
A Yugandhara Rao, Meher Divya Tatavarthi, S P Ravi Teja Yeeramilli, Mohan Raj Simhadri , Bhadur Sayyad
Abstract | PDFPDF
180. Study on Improving User Navigation by Reorganizing web structure based on Link Mining
Pages : 834-837
Deepshree A.vadeyar, Yogish H.K
Abstract | PDFPDF
181. Survey on Data Mining Techniques for the Diagnosis of Diseases in Medical Domain
Pages : 838-846
Parvathi I, Siddharth Rautaray
Abstract | PDFPDF
182. Optical Character Recognition for Handwritten Cursive English characters
Pages : 847-848
Aparna.A , Prof.I.Muthumani
Abstract | PDFPDF
183. Android based Smart Phone Data Image Recognition
Pages : 849-851
G.Kundavinachiyar , I.Muthumani
Abstract | PDFPDF
184. Providing Data Utility on Cloud using Slicing approach and Dynamic Auditing Protocol using Third Party Auditor to maintain Integrity of Data
Pages : 852-855
Madhuri R. Rokade, Siddaling B.Natikar
Abstract | PDFPDF
185. A Review on 2D Gel Electrophoresis: A Protein Identification Technique
Pages : 856-862
Priyanka S. Dudhe, Dr. Manali. M. Kshirsagar, Ashwini S.Yerlekar
Abstract | PDFPDF
186. Enriching Text Summarization using Fuzzy Logic
Pages : 863-867
S. Santhana Megala, Dr. A. Kavitha, Dr. A. Marimuthu
Abstract | PDFPDF
187. Review of Wireless Sensor Networks and Energy Efficient MAC Protocols
Pages : 868-872
Priya Udhawani, S.K. Pathan
Abstract | PDFPDF
188. A Three Way Reversible Encipherment Mechanisms for Robust Video Data Hiding Using Selective
Embedding and Forbidden Zone Data Hiding

Pages : 873-875
P.Kalyan Chakravarthy, Ch M S Monica, Gideon Joseph K, B Jaya Madhuri , A Prem Kumar
Abstract | PDFPDF
189. Enhanced K-Means Clustering Algorithm to Reduce Time Complexity for Numeric Values
Pages : 876-879
Bangoria Bhoomi M.
Abstract | PDFPDF
190. Survey on MR Image Segmentation
Pages : 880-883
Ruchi D. Deshmukh, Chaya Jadhav
Abstract | PDFPDF
191. Study on Mutual Funds Trading Strategy Using TPSO and MACD
Pages : 884-891
Mayanglambam Sushilata Devi, Ksh. Robert Singh
Abstract | PDFPDF
192. Review on Credential Systems in Anonymizing Networks
Pages : 892-895
Snehal Pise , Prof. Ratnaraj Kumar
Abstract | PDFPDF
193. Reduces Unwanted Attribute in Intruder File Based on Feature Selection and Feature Reduction
Using ID3 Algorithm

Pages : 896-900
Uma Vishwakarma, Prof. Anurag Jain
Abstract | PDFPDF
194. Analysis of Cross Polarization Modulation in Semiconductor Optical Amplifier for Wavelength

Pages : 901-903
Keerthika.S.S, Sivanantharaja.A, Selvendran.S and Mahendran.C
Abstract | PDFPDF
195. Stock Market Prediction Using Artificial Neural Networks
Pages : 904-907
Bhagwant Chauhan, Umesh Bidave, Ajit Gangathade, Sachin Kale
Abstract | PDFPDF
196. Web based Automation Testing and Tools
Pages : 908-912
Monika Sharma, Rigzin Angmo
Abstract | PDFPDF
197. CFS for Addressing CPU Resources in Multi-Core Processors with AA Tree
Pages : 913-917
Prajakta Pawar, S.S.Dhotre, Suhas Patil
Abstract | PDFPDF
198. Enhanced Incremental Clustering of Time-Series by Fuzzy Clustering
Pages : 918-920
K. Suresh Babu, K.Priyanka, A.Madhuri, G.Chaitanya, G.Gowri
Abstract | PDFPDF
199. Design and Implementation of Web Crawler
Pages : 921-922
Ankita Dangre, Vishakha Wankhede, Priyanka Akre, Puja Kolpyakwar
Abstract | PDFPDF
200. A Novel Approach for Cloud Integrated Gateways
Pages : 923-926
G.V.M.Vasuki, A.Mithun, B.Radha, C.N.Chaitanya, L.Yashoda
Abstract | PDFPDF
201. An Overview of Association Rule Mining Algorithms
Pages : 927-930
Trupti A. Kumbhare, Prof. Santosh V. Chobe
Abstract | PDFPDF
202. Implementation and Analysis of Fragment based Mining by using Jstock framework
Pages : 931-934
Rajesh V. Argiddi,Sulabha S.Apte,Suhas S.Patil
Abstract | PDFPDF
203. A Review on Query Result Caching using dynamic data cache
Pages : 935-937
M. A. Ramteke, Prof. S. S. Dhande, Prof. H. R. Vyawahare
Abstract | PDFPDF
204. User Privacy Preservation in Mobile Cloud Computing by Two Levels of Spatial Cloaking
Pages : 938-943
Lijo V P, Revathy Gangadaren
Abstract | PDFPDF
205. A Review of Malware Detection Based on Pattern Matching Technique
Pages : 944-947
Manish Kumar Sahu , Manish Ahirwar , A.Hemlata
Abstract | PDFPDF
206. A Review On optimization technique in Server Virtualization
Pages : 948-952
Lavneet Kaur , Himanshu Kakkar
Abstract | PDFPDF
207. Role of Innovation & Technology in Popularity of Online Shopping
Pages : 884-891
Monika Pathak , Gagandeep Kaur
Abstract | PDFPDF
208. Evaluation of Power Consumption of Modified Bubble, Quick and Radix Sort, Algorithm on the
Dual Processor

Pages : 956-960
Ahmed M. Aliyu, Dr. P. B. Zirra
Abstract | PDFPDF
209. Performance Analysis of Joint Network Channel Coding In Various Network Topologies
Pages : 961-966
D.Rajeswari, K.Vijayalakshmi
Abstract | PDFPDF
210. Location Based Alarm System Depending on Logitude and Lattitude
Pages : 967-969
G.V.M.vasuki, D.mounika,CH.Dayeswari, M.Renuka, Bhumik.D.Varu
Abstract | PDFPDF
211. Multimedia in E- Learning: A New Trend in Learning Environment
Pages : 970-971
Deepali Pande Gosavi, Dr. V. M Thakare, Dr. V. Wadhai
Abstract | PDFPDF
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