VOLUME 2 ISSUE 4 July-August 2011

ISSN 0975 - 9646

Issues in Replicated data for Distributed Real-Time Database Systems
Pages : 1364-1371
Sanjay Kumar Tiwari, A K Sharma and Vishnu Swaroop
Abstract | PDFPDF
Active and Passive Network Measurements : A Survey
Pages : 1372-1385
Venkat Mohan., Y. R. Janardhan Reddy, K. Kalpana
Abstract | PDFPDF
The Effectiveness Of The Locationguard Scheme Against DoS Attacks
Pages : 1386-1389
A.Rajesh, P.Pradeep Kumar, T.Bhaskar
Abstract | PDFPDF
4. Design and Implementation of UWB Receiver
Pages : 1390-1397
Rahul Malhotra, Tanvi
Abstract | PDFPDF
5. Comparing the Efficiency of Minutia Based and Improved Fingercode Fingerprint Algorithm
Pages : 1398-1399
Aman Kumar Sharma, Pratibha Sharma, Anita Ganpati
Abstract | PDFPDF
6. A Domain-Based Frequency Count Approach for Protein-Protein Interaction Prediction using Support Vector Machine
Pages : 1400-1402
Saswati Mahapatra, Tripti Swarnkar
Abstract | PDFPDF
A Technique for Identifying and Testing Structural Clones in Large Scale Systems
Pages : 1403-1406
Anil Patro,Raj Sekhar,C.P.V.N.J.Mohan Rao
Abstract | PDFPDF
A Comparative Study of Mining Web Usage Patterns Using Variants of k-Means Clustering
Pages : 1407-1413
Zahid Ansari, A. Vinaya Babu, Waseem Ahmedand Mohammed Fazle Azeem
Abstract | PDFPDF
Performance of Feed Forward Neural Network for a Novel Feature Selection Approach
Pages : 1414-1419
Barnali Sahu, Debahuti Mishra
Abstract | PDFPDF
10. Intelligent Data Analysis Using Data Mining Techniques
Pages : 1420-1422
V.Ilango , Dr.R.Subramanian , Dr.V.Vasudevan
Abstract | PDFPDF
11. A Novel Multiple Visual Secret Data Hiding Scheme
Pages : 1423-1426
Sesha Pallavi Indrakanti , Avadhani P.S
Abstract | PDFPDF
12. A Queuing Model for Congestion Control and Reliable Data Transfer in Cable Access Networks
Pages : 1427-1433
G.Vijaya Lakshmi, C.Shoba Bindu
Abstract | PDFPDF
Punjabi Language Characteristics and Role of Thesaurus in Natural Language processing
Pages : 1434-1437
Dharam Veer Sharma, Aarti
Abstract | PDFPDF
Ambient Intelligence in Ubiquitous Robotics
Pages : 1438-1440
Yogita Gigras, Kusum Gupta
Abstract | PDFPDF
Transliteration of CRF Based Multiword Expression (MWE) in Manipuri: From Bengali Script Manipuri to Meitei Mayek(Script) Manipuri
Pages : 1441-1447
Kishorjit Nongmeikapam , Ningombam Herojit Singh, Bishworjit Salam,Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
Abstract | PDFPDF
16. Hashing and Pipelining Techniques for Association Rule Mining
Pages : 1448-1452
Mamatha Nadikota, Satya P Kumar Somayajula,Dr. C. P. V. N. J. Mohan Rao
Abstract | PDFPDF
17. Data Security and Authentication Using Steganography
Pages : 1453-1456
Ravi Kumar. B,Murti. P.R.K.
Abstract | PDFPDF
18. Development of adaptive fuzzy based Image Filtering techniques for efficient Noise Reduction in Medical Images
Pages : 1457-1461
Aneesh Agrawal, Abha Choubey, Kapil Kumar Nagwanshi
Abstract | PDFPDF
19. Minutiae points Extraction from Iris for Biometric Cryptosystem
Pages: 1462-1464
Archna R.C
Abstract | PDFPDF
20. A New Scheme to Check ARP Spoofing: Prevention of MAN-IN-THE-MIDDLE Attack
Pages: 1465-1469
Satya P Kumar Somayajula, Yella. Mahendra Reddy, Hemanth Kuppili
Abstract | PDFPDF
HARIALGM: Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining in Pedagogy with DNA Finger Printing
Pages : 1470-1473
S.Hari Ganesh, C.Chandrasekar
Abstract | PDFPDF
A Personal Biometric Identification Technique based on Iris Recognition
Pages : 1474-1477
Sudipta Roy, Abhijit Biswas
Abstract | PDFPDF
An Extended Algorithm of Page Ranking Considering Chronological Dimension of Search
Pages : 1478-1483
Sandeep Gupta, Mohd. Husain
Abstract | PDFPDF
24. Density Based Optimized Broadcasting for Multirate Services in Wireless ADHOC Network
Pages : 1484-1488
Ch.Nagraju, M.V.Subramanyam
Abstract | PDFPDF
25. Filter for Removal of Impulse Noise by Using Fuzzy Logic
Pages : 1489-1493
Jyoti Chauhan, S.S.Tyagi
Abstract | PDFPDF
26. A Robust Method of License Plate Recognition using ANN
Pages : 1494-1497
Anish Lazrus, Siddhartha Choubey
Abstract | PDFPDF
27. Practical Approach for Demand Forecasting for Electricity
Pages : 1498-1500
Saritha Chav, Venkatesh Grandh, Sivaram Jalad, Dharmaiah Devarapalli
Abstract | PDFPDF
28. Spatial Data Mining: A Recent Survey and New Discussions
Pages : 1501-1504
Manjula Aakunuri, Dr.G.Narasimha, Sudhakar Katherapaka
Abstract | PDFPDF
29. Estimating Maximum Confidence and Trustworthiness for Facts for Information Providers
on the Web
Pages : 1505-1508
Sudhakar Katherapaka ,P.Pradeep Kumar , Manjula Aakunuri
Abstract | PDFPDF
30. Bloom Filter- Cost Effective Paging Mechanism
Pages : 1509-1512
Pragyan Acharya, Sudhansu Sekhar Singh
Abstract | PDFPDF
31. A PDRR based detection technique for blackhole attack in MANET
Pages : 1513-1516
Shekhar Tandan and Praneet Saurabh
Abstract | PDFPDF
32. Data management in Mobile Distributed Real Time Database Systems: Reviews and Issues
Pages : 1517-1522
Vishnu Swaroop, Udai Shanker
Abstract | PDFPDF
33. Pair-wise Key Establishment Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network Using LU Matrix
Pages : 1523-1528
Saurabh Singh, Harsh Kumar Verma , Tania Jain
Abstract | PDFPDF
34. The Current State of Battle against Spam
Pages : 1529-1536
Rochak Gupta, K Vinay Kumar
Abstract | PDFPDF
35. ETX Based Routing Metrics
Pages : 1537-1548
Venkat Mohan. S, N. Kasiviswanath
Abstract | PDFPDF
36. Detecting multiple malevolent packet losses
Pages : 1549-1554
Sridhar kumar.Majoju, D.Sagar, T.P.Shekar
Abstract | PDFPDF
37. ANN Paradigms for Audio Pattern Recognition
Pages : 1555-1558
Geetika Munjal
Abstract | PDFPDF
38.. Gray Zone Effect in MANETs on Proactive and Reactive Routing Protocols
Pages : 1559-1563
Himansu Sekhar Pattanayak, H. S Bindra , A. L Sangal
Abstract | PDFPDF
39. A Fuzzy Approach for Reputation Management in Online Communities for Bittorrent P2P Network
Pages : 1564-1568
Ansuman Mahapatra, Nachiketa Tarasia, Madhusmita Sahoo, Hemanta Kumar Paikray, Subhasish Das
Abstract | PDFPDF
40. Friend Features Extraction to Design Detection Engine for Intrusion Detection System in Mobile
Adhoc Network
Pages : 1569-1573
Husain. Shahnawaz, Gupta S.C.
Abstract | PDFPDF
41. Comparison of Queuing Algorithms against DDoS Attack
Pages : 1574-1580
Santosh Kumar , Abhinav Bhandari , A. L. Sangal
Abstract | PDFPDF
42. Image Edge Detection using Adaptive Filter
Pages : 1581-1583
Praneeth.Ch, SRinivasa Rao.V, Srinivas.K
Abstract | PDFPDF
43.. Secured Partial MP3 Encryption Technique
Pages : 1584-1587
Bismita Gadanayak, Chittaranjan Pradhan, Neha Baranwal
Abstract | PDFPDF
44. Sign Gesture Recognition using Combined Features of Sum graph and HMM with Decision tree
Pages : 1588-1591
Punamchand Patidar, Neetesh Gupta
Abstract | PDFPDF
45. A Novel Approach for Embedding Text in Audio to Ensure Secrecy
Pages : 1592-1594
Nagaseshu.K, SRinivasa Rao.V, Hima Deepthi.V
Abstract | PDFPDF
46. Analysis of various Biometric Techniques
Pages : 1595-1597
Sanjay Kumar, Ekta Walia
Abstract | PDFPDF
47. Automated Advanced Industrial and Home Security Using GSM and FPGA
Pages : 1598-1602
N.Chintaiah, K.Rajasekhar, V.Dhanraj
Abstract | PDFPDF
48. A Modified Buffered Adaptive Algorithm for Routing in Optical Benes Network
Pages : 1603-1605
Tanvir Kaur, Rinkle Rani Aggarwal
Abstract | PDFPDF
49. Traffic Pattern Based Performance Comparison of AODV, DSDV & OLSR MANET Routing Protocols using Freeway Mobility Model
Pages : 1606-1611
Suman Kumari , Sunil Maakar ,Suresh Kumar, R K Rathy
Abstract | PDFPDF
50. A Three Level Tree Structure Database Architecture for Global Roaming in Mobile Networks
Pages : 1612-1617
C. HariChandana, A. Sudhir Babu
Abstract | PDFPDF
51. Genuine and Forged Offline Signature Verification Using Back Propagation Neural Networks
Pages : 1618-1624
L. Ravi Kumar, A.Sudhir Babu
Abstract | PDFPDF
52. Design and VLSI Implementation of DDR SDRAM Controller for High Speed Applications
Pages : 1625-1632
Deepali Sharma, Shruti Bhargava, Mahendra Vucha
Abstract | PDFPDF
53. Hand Dorsal Veins and Knuckle Shape based Authentication System
Pages : 1633-1638
Chaitanya Kommini, Kamalesh Ellanti, Harsha Ellanti
Abstract | PDFPDF
54.. An Overview of Efficient Computation of PageRank
Pages : 1639-1643
Madhu Bala, Simple Sharma
Abstract | PDFPDF
55. A Data Cache Invalidation Strategy for Internet Vehicular Ad hoc Network on Highway
Pages : 1644-1646
Arun Kumar Dubey, Poonam Kori, Vivek Sharma, Sanjeev Sharma
Abstract | PDFPDF
56. EX-APTEEN: A Hybrid Protocol for Information Retrieval Using Backup Cluster Head Election and
Queuing Mechanism for Overloading Condition.
Pages : 1647-1650
Partha Sarathi Pati, B.M.Acharya, Subashish Mohapatra
Abstract | PDFPDF
57. Software REquirements and Quality Approaches through MDRE and BESPOKE Process Models
Pages : 1651-1654
Anandam. V,Kailasa Rao. K , Sasidhar Kothuru ,Pradeep V
Abstract | PDFPDF
58. Page Disabling using DHTML masking for Data Testing
Pages : 1655-1658
Ravikumar G K, Dr. B. Justus Rabi,Manjunath T.N, Ravindra S Hegadi,Archana R A
Abstract | PDFPDF
59. Enhanced ANT Colony System based on RASA Algorithm in GRID Scheduling
Pages : 1659-1674
D.Maruthanayagam, R.Uma Rani
Abstract | PDFPDF
60.. Predicting the Early Stage Software Development Effort using Mamdani FIS
Pages : 1675-1678
Roheet Bhatnagar, Mrinal Kanti Ghose, Vandana Bhattacharjee
Abstract | PDFPDF
61. Watermarking and Information-Hiding
Pages : 1679-1681
Shivani Khurana
Abstract | PDFPDF
62. An Efficient Hybrid Method for Fingerprint Matching
Pages : 1682-1684
Pawan dubey, Prashant kumar jain Pharindra kumar Sharma, Bhupesh gautam
Abstract | PDFPDF
63. A novel method for Handwritten Digit Recognition with Neural Networks
Pages : 1685-1692
Malothu Nagu, N Vijay Shankar, K. Annapurna
Abstract | PDFPDF
64. Use of Genetic Algorithms for Finding Roots of Algebraic Equations
Pages : 1693-1696
Harsh Bhasin, Surbhi Bhatia
Abstract | PDFPDF
65. Energy Efficient Communication Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
Pages : 1697-1699
Rakesh Poonia,Amit Kumar Sanghi and Dharm Singh
Abstract | PDFPDF
66. CurlCrawler:A framework of CurlCrawler and Cached Database for crawling the web with thumb
Pages : 1700-1705
Dr Ela Kumar,Ashok Kumar
Abstract | PDFPDF
67. A Comprehensive Comparative study of SPARQL and SQL
Pages : 1706-1710
Vipin Kumar.N, Archana P. Kumar, Kumar Abhishek
Abstract | PDFPDF
68. A Robust Video Watermarking Scheme using DWT and DCT
Pages : 1711-1716
Aditi Agarwal, Ruchika Bhadana and Satishkumar Chavan
Abstract | PDFPDF
69. Image Clustering Technique for Web Search Engine Retrieval System
Pages : 1717-1719
N.Naveen Kumar, S.Ramakrishna
Abstract | PDFPDF
70. Flow Control Packet Marking Scheme: to identify the sources of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks
Pages : 1720-1724
A.Chitkala , K.S. Vijaya Lakshmi
Abstract | PDFPDF
71. To Study the Ways to Annotate Images Manual, Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic in
M2S and CAIR
Pages : 1725-1728
Kirti Raheja, Deepti Gupta
Abstract | PDFPDF
72. Performance Analysis of Classifying Unlabeled Data from Multiple Data Sources
Pages : 1729-1734
M.Jeevan Babu, K. Suvarna Vani
Abstract | PDFPDF
73. Securing Agent and Web Services on the Semantic Web using Cryptographic Algorithm and PKI
Pages : 1735-1740
Rashmi Pandey, Suresh Kumar , Dr. Manjeet Singh
Abstract | PDFPDF
74. Sensing Malicious Packet Losses
Pages : 1741-1742
Ch.Pandu Ranga Rao,M.Vani Pujitha
Abstract | PDFPDF
75. Application of the Concept-Based Similarity Measure in Topic Detection
Pages : 1743-1746
Satya P Kumar Somayajula, Deepthi BOddhana
Abstract | PDFPDF
76. Performance Analysis of Clustering Algorithms in Outlier Detection Based on Statistical Models and Spatial Proximity
Pages : 1747-1749
Manikandan.G, Rajendiran.P, Kamarasan.M, SowndaryaShekar
Abstract | PDFPDF
77. Reduction in Power Dissipation of CPU
Pages : 1750-1752
Poonam Yadav, Surekha Chauhan, Madan Shishodia
Abstract | PDFPDF
78. Generation of Iris Template for recognition of Iris in Efficient Manner
Pages : 1753-1755
Ruchika Gupta Harish Saini
Abstract | PDFPDF
79. Empowering Employment for Skilled Professionals Using Public Information Kiosk
Pages : 1756-1757
Md.Mukhtar Md.Yakub, Mr. Mahesh S. Darak, Geetanjali M. Vaidya
Abstract | PDFPDF
80. Depth Estimation Using Monocular Camera
Pages : 1758-1763
Apoorva Joglekar, Devika Joshi, Richa Khemani, Smita Nair, Shashikant Sahare
Abstract | PDFPDF
81. Scale and Rotation Independent Finger print Recognition
Pages : 1764-1773
Chaitanya Kommini,Srinivasulu Asadi,Kamalesh Ellanti
Abstract | PDFPDF
82. Detecting Intrusion on AODV based Mobile Ad Hoc Networks by k-means Clustering method of Data Mining
Pages : 1774-1779
Preetee K. Karmore , Smita M. Nirkhi
Abstract | PDFPDF
83. Secure Embedding of a Robust Imperceptible Watermark in Relational data
Pages : 1780-1784
N.Sudha Rani, M.V.V.S.Nagendranath Praveen Jacob Gopay
Abstract | PDFPDF
84. Proficient Distribution in Mobile Ad hoc Network
Pages : 1785-1788
D.Thirupathi, A.Srinivas and D.Sagar
Abstract | PDFPDF
85. The Working and Problems of Computer Virus in Enterprise Areas
Pages : 1789-1792
Bhaskar V. Patil, Dr. Milind. J. Joshi
Abstract | PDFPDF
86. Mobility Based Proactive and Reactive Routing Algorithm in Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs)
Pages : 1793-1797
Ajay Vikram Singh, M. Afshar Alam and Bani Singh
Abstract | PDFPDF
87. An Efficient Routing Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
Pages : 1798-1801
Manjunath K.G., Dr. Jaisankar N., Pradeep M
Abstract | PDFPDF
88. PassText User Authentication Using Smartcards
Pages : 1802-1807
Kishore Kumar, N. Santhosh Kumar, Aleem Md, M. Sandeep
Abstract | PDFPDF
89. An Approach to Congestion Control for Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks
Pages : 1808-1811
A. Kartheek Kumar Reddy A.Srinish Reddy
Abstract | PDFPDF
90. An Active En-route Filtering Scheme for Information Reporting in Wireless Sensor Networks
Pages : 1812-1819
Naresh K, Pradeep Kumar P, Sathish Kumar S
Abstract | PDFPDF
91. Finding the Number of Clusters in Unlabelled Datasets Using Extended Cluster Count Extraction (ECCE)
Pages : 1820-1824
Srinivasulu Asadi, Dr.Ch.D.V.Subba Rao, O.Obulesu and P.Sunil Kumar Reddy
Abstract | PDFPDF
92. A Comparative study of Clustering in Unlabelled Datasets Using Extended Dark Block Extraction and Extended Cluster Count Extraction
Pages : 18125-1831
Srinivasulu Asadi, Dr.Ch.D.V.Subba Rao, O.Obulesu and P.Sunil Kumar Reddy
Abstract | PDFPDF
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