VOLUME 4 ISSUE 3 May- June 2013

ISSN 0975 - 9646

A Study of Focused Web Crawlers for Semantic Web
Pages : 398-402
Nidhi Jain, Paramjeet Rawat
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2. A Review of Packet Filtering Problem in MANET
Pages : 403-405
Purnima, Rimple
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3. Data Mining: An Improved Approach for Fraud Detection
Pages : 406-408
Gogu.Sandeep,Sachin Malviya, Dheeraj Sapkale
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Trust Opportunistic Multicast Routing (TOMR) Protocol in Multihop Wireless Network
Pages : 409-412
Sagar P. Latake, Gitanjali R. Shinde
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5. OLAP, OLTP for DECISION-MAKING PROCESS using Data Mining and Warehousing
Pages : 413-415
Chinmay R. Deshmukh, R.R.SHELKE
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6. Analysis of variants in Round Robin Algorithms for load balancing in Cloud Computing
Pages : 416-419
Pooja Samal, Pranati Mishra
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Page Segmentation in OCR System- A Review
Pages : 420-422
Sukhvir Kaur, P.S.Mann, Shivani Khurana
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8. Novel Shannon Based Full Adder Architecture Low Power Nueral Network Applications
Pages : 423-425
Umesha H.S, Dr.A.R.Aswatha
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9. A Survey on Packet Marking and Logging
Pages : 426-429
Ruby Jain, Prof. Akanksha Meshram
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10. Mixnet for Anonymous Communication to Preserving Privacy in Hierarchical model networks
Pages : 430-432
R.Srinivas, A. Yesu Babu
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Securing Files Using AES Algorithm
Pages : 433-435
Aditya Rayarapu, AbhinavSaxena, N.Vamshi Krishna,Diksha Mundhra
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12. Performance Evaluation of an Adaptive Gateway Discovery Algorithm for Mobile Ad hoc Networks
Pages : 436-441
Deepak Kumar Patel, Rakesh Kumar
Abstract | PDFPDF
13. Sensor Web for Public Safety
Pages : 442-445
Sarang Ardhapurkar,S. Sai Manjula and Y. Meena Kasturi
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Evaluation and Mitigation of DoS attack using behavior Anomaly Detection approach using NS-3
Pages : 446-450
Simmi Jain, Hitesh Gupta
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15. A Survey on Digital Watermarking Techniques
Pages : 451-456
Sasmita Mishra, Amitav Mahapatra,Pranati Mishra
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16. Clock Synchronization in Distributed System
Pages : 457-460
Nikhil Khandare, Modraj Bhavsar , Prakash Kumare, Sowmiya Raksha
Abstract | PDFPDF
Incident Management & Service Level Agreement: An Optimistic Approach
Pages : 461-466
Bilas Ghosh
Abstract | PDFPDF
18. Importance of Aho-Corasick String Matching Algorithm in Real World Applications
Pages : 467-469
Saima Hasib, Mahak Motwani, Amit Saxena
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19. Simulation, Transient State Analysis for Speed Control of Induction Motor with Rotor Resistance Adaptation Based on Sensorless Field Oriented Method Using PID controller
Pages : 470-474
Vivek Kushwaha, Anand Goswami, Dr. L. S. Titare
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20. Data Mining Techniques for Maintenance of Instances for Universities
Pages : 475-476
J.Kishore Kumar,Dr A.Ravi Prasad, S.Ramakrishna
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21. The Haswell Microarchitecture - 4th Generation Processor
Pages : 477-480
Tarush Jain, Tanmay Agrawal
Abstract | PDFPDF
22. Trust Opportunistic Multicast Routing (TOMR) Protocol In Multihop Wireless Network
Pages : 481-484
Sagar P. Latake , Gitanjali R. Shinde
Abstract | PDFPDF
23. Tree, Mesh Structure Based and Stateless Multicast Routing Protocols in Wireless Networks
Pages : 485-488
Sagar P. Latake, Gitanjali R. Shinde, Rajesh H. Kulkarni
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24. Low-Power 1-Bit Full-Adder Cell Using Modified Pass Transistor Logic
Pages : 489-491
C. Channe Gowda, Dr. Ar.R. Aswatha
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25. Improving Software Quality Assurance Using Bug Tracking System
Pages : 492-497
Rajnish Kumar, Devasani Yellaiah Gattaiah, Swati Shahi, Thakur Avinash Nagendra
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26. A Survey of Reactive, Proactive and Hybrid Routing Protocols in MANET: A Review
Pages : 498-500
Harjeet Kaur, Varsha Sahni, Dr. Manju Bala
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27. Performance of Coded Cooperation using Log-Map and SOVA Decoder
Pages : 501-504
K.Vijayalakshmi, S.Joy Vincy Praba
Abstract | PDFPDF
28. Video Streaming With Dynamic Bayesian Networks
Pages : 505-509
M.Vineela, N.Venkateswar rao
Abstract | PDFPDF
29. The Prototype for the Unification of Various Cryptographic Modules: A Solution to the Information Security
Pages : 510-514
Sani Asnain wani, Iqbal Ali, Dr. Abdul Raouf Khan
Abstract | PDFPDF
30. Towards Novel and Efficient Architecture for Extended-RBAC in Cloud Computing
Pages : 515-518
Parminder Singh , Sarpreet Singh
Abstract | PDFPDF
31. A Survey of Cloud Business Intelligence
Pages : 519-521
Neha Goel , Abhishek aggarwal
Abstract | PDFPDF
32. Secure Data Transmission using Encrypted Secret Message
Pages : 522-525
Jaishree Singh, Dr. J.S. Sodhi
Abstract | PDFPDF
33. Blacklisting Sites and Detecting Web Spams
Pages : 526-529
Ranbir Singh , Bhupender Bhadana
Abstract | PDFPDF
34. Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop
Pages : 530-532
Tarush Jain, Rohan Somni
Abstract | PDFPDF
35. Understanding the Technique of Data Extraction from Deep Web
Pages : 533-537
Manoj D. Swami, Gopal Sonune, Dr. B.B. Meshram
Abstract | PDFPDF
36. Segmentation of Text From Image Document
Pages : 538-540
Ankush Gautam
Abstract | PDFPDF
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