VOLUME 8 ISSUE 6 November - December 2017

ISSN 0975 - 9646

1. Efficient Cloud Computing with Secure Data Storage Using AES and PGP Algorithm
Pages :582-585
K.Arul Jothy, K.Sivakumar, M J Delsey
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2. Automation in ETL Testing
Pages :586-589
Omkar Sanjay Kulkarni
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3. A Data Clustering Using Modified Principal Component Analysis with Genetic Algorithm
Pages :590-594
Sohel Ahamd Khan, Prof. Malti Nagle
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4. Achieving 2 Pie Radian Angle Coverage with Minimum Transmission Cost in wireless Visual Sensor Networks
Pages :595-598
Nikhil L Bellavi, Dr. Vijay Kumar BP
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5. Survey of Data Mining Techniques for Prediction of Breast Cancer Recurrence
Pages :599-601
Desta Mulatu, Rupali R. Gangarde
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6. A Survey on Intent-based Diversification for Fuzzy Keyword Search
Pages :602-618
Sijin P, Dr.Champa H N, Dr.Venugopal K R
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7. Recent Trends on various techniques for Feature Selection and Classification in Mammogram mass images
Pages :619-622
Nidhi Singh, Dr. S. Veenadhari
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8. A Search Algorithm based on Diatonic Scale for College Course Schedule
Pages :623-626
Dr B V Subba Rao, J.Sirisha
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